Cell Memory Vs Gift from God

Tonight a friend (Hi Mary) and I were talking about cell memory as in DNA. Ok, To be honest, I don’t think that there is anyone out there with “original” talent. I believe that somewhere in family history someone did it just as well if not better that we do it.

I have always felt as if something was guiding my hands when I knit, crochet, spin, embroider, tat. My mom had these skills, she learned them from people in her family.

My friend has healing abilities. Katie has talents that she can speak about herself if she chooses too. I am sure someone, somewhere in her family roots had this talent too.

To put it short, I think families were given gifts from God. And that those talents have to be nurtured and brought forward. How would I have known that I had a talent for knitting if I hadn’t picked up a pair of needles, met some super people who encouraged me, oft to the point of enabling.

Talents can lay dormant in people until they are pulled or pushed to the forefront or fingertips. Then they just seem to flow and “click”. I hear this word all the time “it just clicked” “i just knew how to do it”.

It is part of your DNA. DNA is a gift from God and your talent was nurtured by people around you. You allowed it to flow out of you and voila!

Ok…these are my thoughts for tonight. Rambly? Your Thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Cell Memory Vs Gift from God

  1. Teresa says:

    I think you’re absolutely right, Hanane! Even Christian scriptures support this thought. I love the way you’ve explained it.
    Guess what I’ll be talking about all day?
    Thanks for sharing. (Does that sound as cheesy as I think it does? Well. I don’t mean it cheesy.)

  2. Christina says:

    I think your absolutely right!

    I had that exact though a year ago when I decided to learn how to tat. I got the stuff, put my hands in position and just waited for it to “happen” – like it always has done with knitting, crocheing, spinning, sewing, bobbin lace etc… And – nothing… So for the first time ever with these kinds of crafts I had to learn step by step looking at pictures in a book. Very strange 😉

    I remember telling a friend that none of my grandmothers can possibly have been tatting 😉

  3. Judy Harper says:

    The Australian Aborigines believe this, as do native American cultures. I certainly do – it has come down through history in many spiritual beliefs. My ability with the Spanish language didn’t come from just studying it – it was like just refreshing my memory about something forgotten. Ability with the needlearts and design is also already inside our DNA, I believe. some do and some don’t – but others have their own “gifts” and abilities in other areas.

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