Still crafting away.

Ok…Ok…I know the title says, ” Knitting Our Way to Peace” and I swear, one day I will get back to knitting, but I am just having too much fun making things with felt and fabric. Hey felt is wool right? So I haven’t strayed too far. LOL…ok ok I am just justifying my abstinence now.

But seriously folks, I am having a blast. Two very good friends and I are planning a community craft fair. I think it will be a hoot. We are going to to do it with a Moroccan theme, jut in case you are wondering and I haven’t really mentioned it I don’t think. I could be wrong. My husband is from Morocco and we are going to do it in our Musallah (translated Place for praying) and sell tables to crafters, along with serving/selling Moroccan food, tea and desserts. YUM-O

I am excited. We are actually getting together tomorrow to discuss details. LOL

I can’t wait!

I may actually KNIT some things for it too. Seriously I have to get back to knitting, I found the cutest pattern for snails that I just have to knit. I need to make a monkey and the monkey bag from the SnB book.

OH and Congrats to Katie….the Cacti in the SnB 2008 calendar. I will have to buy that one this year and figure out how to get it autographed. You famous person you.

Ok I am really pissed! My friend was sold a bracelet and the person who made it told her that the crystals were Swarovski and they so aren’t! Anyone EVEN ME who has ever seen the real thing knows a fake when it is presented. They were flat, not fire, no shimmer. SAD!

Ok well enough about me.

I have been crafting away

Well besides the onesies I made yesterday and btw I made 5 more for another baby. I did 2 Old Navy shirts for my friend Sakina’s daughters Hana and Noora, and today I made them bonnets. Sakina and I have this thing going on where we are kinda making something everyday out of stuff we have just around the house. It has been a plast so far. Today I made sunbonnets out of bandanas that Sahara picked up at the dollar spot in Target.


We post the day’s project on our repsective blogs by midnight and begin thinking of the next days project. Todays bonnets came from the desire to make the cutest bonnet ever that I saw on the Angry Chicken blog.

So Katie I am currently sewing in our desire for peace and thus far it has given me peace, so I feel good about it. Not much knitting going on. I am frustrated with the “wool” at the moment.

Akika, Bris, Christening Gift

Well I am not sure what the female version of a Bris is. But that is the only Jewish equilent I could come up with. Tonight in our community we have been blessed with a new little girl, and we are off to the Akika (Think Aketa and replace the ta with ka and there ya have it the “official” Arabic pronunciation ūüėČ }

Anyway I digress, I had been blog surfing and came across The Angry Chicken’s Blog, where to my wonder I beheld the most fantastic idea ever, and just filed it away for something to do in the future when all the pregnant women in my world gave birth.

So again I digress. I made these marvelous little gems for our newest member of our tiny little community Zainab {official Arabic pronunciation Zai (like say with a z) Nab (tab with an N) }


Did ya miss me???

Well Hanane, thank you for holding down the blog fort so to speak, during my absence! Hugs to you!! Oh so much to talk about, questions to answer, knitting to brag on…..sigh. Thanks to all the kind people who left comments too, both of us really appreciate your kindness and support! So let’s get right to it.

Moving! Yay!! Surprisingly, things are going pretty well. I wish I had more time for simple things like blogging but I will be back with a vengeance in late August!! So until then, I will be lurking about and try to post when I can. A sneak peek at my new backyard! I tell you, I am not kidding why I say I cannot wait to leave this neighborhood!!! 

My New Backyard

So knitting content…because we are about knitting right??? I have been making small projects. Right now I have three scarves on the needles and I am most pleased with my chevron scarf from “Last Minute Knitted Gifts”. I used STR byBlue Moon Fiber Arts, and while I have always been a small needle knitter (anything over size 10 makes me shake) I honestly want to poke my eyes out from the sheer repetition of the pattern, but who can argue with the results. Sure it’s finished NOW and being blocked as we speak, but here is a picture of it!

Chevron Scarf


So next up…the questions…… No I have never worked for a Jewish Organization. I would think that it would be just as difficult as Hassan working for the Muslim Organization though. Purely my opinion but I think when members of the same faith get together, there is bound to be some clashes, even if we are all supposed to believe in the same way! I will mention this question to my mother who worked in a parochial school for YEARS!!! I do vaguely recall problems but I am not sure if they were religious or just “estrogen fueled”. You know how it goes when there are too many women in the workplace…meow!! Ha ha!!! But I¬† don’t know if either of us have mentioned, we are BOTH converts to our respective religions from the Catholic faith! Hanane, maybe we should touch on this a little bit?? Might make for an interesting topic, Don’t you think??

On the movie front, I did see “Evan Almighty”. It was cute and not as bad as the critics claimed. While it was no “Casablanca” or “Gone With The Wind”, it was a wonderful two hour diversion. And as far as “Apocolypto”….. I have no desire whatsoever to see it. I don’t mind subtitles at all (I loved Pan’s Labyrinth) or some gore, but I can not get past Mel Gibson for his anti semitic comments.¬† Drunk or not, that was uncalled for and I cannot and will not support that. And I really loved him in “Braveheart” ¬† (being the Anglophile that I am) and I cannot even watch that any more….sigh…..

Phew, this is a long post but I guess I needed to post a “good one” to make up for all the one sided posting these days!! And Hanane, I am so PROUD of you for all your schoolwork, and joining Weight Watchers!!! Way to Go Girl!!!

So I guess I will sign off for now. I PROMISE I will get back to posting soon…….and now, back to packing!!!!

?Question? about Community Jobs

Well Katie,

I have a question, Ever work for a Jewish Organization? If so is it hard, I mean is it difficult to work with people in your own religious community? Because let me tell you it is most difficult to work for Islamic organizations. Remember I walked out of a sub job last school year because I got no backup to deal with the kids in the classroom. My husband is now finding out how hard it is. I just want to laugh because he use to laugh at me and tell me to stick with it, it was a job. Now those words are coming around to bite him in the butt. So I was just wondering if this is just a phenomenon that happens only within the Muslim community or does it translate into other religions as well.