Car Wreck!!!!! and Thankfulness!


I am writing this post from my bed. On Friday night I took my kids and my daughters friend to see my son preform “Romeo and Juliet” at Samuel Grand Park. They were the warm up act. Then we stayed to see, “All’s Well that Ends Well”. Both really great shows.

We enjoyed it greatly. Had a wonderful time with all of our friends from the homeschool co-op.

However on the way home from the show, this man was doing that creep out into the lane thing. He couldn’t see around another large car and popped out in my lane. I hit him HARD! My radiator exlpoded. My seatbelt grabbed tight.

The kids are all okay! Thank God! I have bruises across my chest. The paramedics called it seatbelt rash. More than a rash I would say. It is very painful!

Today I went outside, my daughter had pulled the car up into the driveway from where the tow truck had left it in near the curb. It is a mess inside and out.

We took a drive to the store in the van and while we on our way home, she said that if her and her brother had gone to the restroom before we left the park that we would have missed the accident. I told her maybe, but maybe it was suppose to happen. It was meant to be.

Perhaps it is a wake up call a call to pay more attention to the world around us. Be more observant in our daily life.

I am very thankful that the only serious injury is to my car and not to myself or my kids.

I am thankful that the other driver is insured, because in that neighborhood it could have gone either way.

Thankful that I have good friends who are able to help me with things I need.

Thankful that while we were waiting in this neighborhood that the police stayed with us until another male got to us.

Thankful that the policeman who took the report had a sense of humor. He called it “black on black crime” Because my Honda is black and his Toyota was black.

Thankful that the paramedics who came out were nice and understanding.

Count your blessings. Even in the small things.


Spinning Class

Hello all.

Back earlier in the spring. I decided I should probably try to make some money this summer. So I posted on a few lists that I would be teaching some knitting and spinning classes. I didn’t get much interest in the knitting but I did get some interest in the spinning. Two ladies decided they would like to give it a whirl (pun intended).

Last Saturday was our first class. It was fun. Only one student showed up, the other was confused as to where we were going to meet. But it all worked out this weekend and both students showed up. One with her homework all done. I was very proud. The second student we got her all started and she was doing well.

I do however find it a bit ironic that ‘I’ am teaching people how to spin. I am the youngest one in the group and ‘I’ am the teacher.

It makes me feel good to share and old craft with people both young and older.

Knitting Our Way to Peace Texas Gathering

Ok, I have decided to do something drastic. I think what we started here is a good thing. I think it needs to move beyond just posting our random thoughts. Not that our Random thoughts are bad, in fact I think we have great random thoughts, and to be perfectly honest the Texas Gathering idea was a random thought that I am kinda running with!

I have a helper on Ravelry WarriorMom. Thanks Sweetie I appreciate the help.

I think it is time! Time to honor ourselves and each other. Here’s to those of us who are trying to understand each other over one stitch at a time.

Katie you wanna design the flyer?

Cell Memory Vs Gift from God

Tonight a friend (Hi Mary) and I were talking about cell memory as in DNA. Ok, To be honest, I don’t think that there is anyone out there with “original” talent. I believe that somewhere in family history someone did it just as well if not better that we do it.

I have always felt as if something was guiding my hands when I knit, crochet, spin, embroider, tat. My mom had these skills, she learned them from people in her family.

My friend has healing abilities. Katie has talents that she can speak about herself if she chooses too. I am sure someone, somewhere in her family roots had this talent too.

To put it short, I think families were given gifts from God. And that those talents have to be nurtured and brought forward. How would I have known that I had a talent for knitting if I hadn’t picked up a pair of needles, met some super people who encouraged me, oft to the point of enabling.

Talents can lay dormant in people until they are pulled or pushed to the forefront or fingertips. Then they just seem to flow and “click”. I hear this word all the time “it just clicked” “i just knew how to do it”.

It is part of your DNA. DNA is a gift from God and your talent was nurtured by people around you. You allowed it to flow out of you and voila!

Ok…these are my thoughts for tonight. Rambly? Your Thoughts?