One Project Down! Two More to Go!

Ok, I finished the simple knit cowl.

Basic Recipe Simple Knit Cowl
16″ Size 11 needles
Cast on 82 Stitches (Gauge here not important)
Knit every row until you have enough left to bind off.
Bind off loosely! Tada you are done!!!!

I used Ballet Yarn from Artful Yarns it is a discontinued yarn. Fibers are: Nylon, Acrylic, Cotton
I wanted to knit something that let the yarn speak for itself and I think I accomplished that with this little cowl.
I used 71 yards (65 meters)

What have you accomplished in your selfish month of knitting? We want to hear about it!!!!

Tonight I made Chicken Gumbo

Ok! Since I consider everyone who reads my blog like family! I will share my recipe for Chicken Gumbo with you!

I love this Gumbo my Dad loved this Gumbo and this is just the second time since he passed that I have made this Gumbo recipe. Because it just hurt too much.

Papa’s Chicken and Okra Gumbo

1/2 c veg oil
1/2 stick butter
1c of all purpose flour
4-8 celery stalks chopped
2 bell peppers chopped
1 med onion chopped
4(14oz) cans low sodium chicken broth
1/4c Worcestershire sauce
1tbl tobasco (or more)
5 bay leaves
1/4c fresh parsley
1tsp black pepper
1 1/2 tsp red pepper

6leg quarters separated leg from thigh (leave the skin on)
a sprinkle of Gumbo File on the top of the pot
1 package frozen sliced okra thawed

Combine oil butter and flour in a heavy bottom pan cook over med heat approx 20 min stirring constantly until roux is the color of chocolate
Add onion celery bell pepper and garlic cook for 10min stir occasionally Add the remaining spice ingredients. stir to combine then lay in the chicken bring to a simmer cook until chicken almost done add in okra

Serve over rice

More March for Me Update

Still plugging away on Tasha, the Danish Tie shawl got one more color repeat done. Found my silk it is on the swift to be wound into a ball, will probably cast on for Montego Bay scarf today. Thinking about casting on for the cowl as well It will be a simple knit in the round pattern on big needles.

I am determined to get them done. I think I figured out what shawl I want to knit in different weight and types of yarn. Need to go sort and get them bagged up to begin.

I did volunteer to work at the DFW Fiber Fest! EXCITEMENT!!!!!! I never go and take classes they are just too pricey. This way I get to go, people watch, see the vendors and maybe spend a little money but as for classes, I would rather save the money and go to an event that has free or affordable classes. I know at these types of events I don’t get to go sit in a class with the likes Franklin or Cookie, but I get to meet local artist who are famous in their own right and are doing great things as well. So this way I may get to meet Franklin but not have to shell out the moo-la to sit in his class and I get to see friends and just enjoy the atmosphere for free and donate some of my time to the cause.

March For Me Part 2 Updates

Ok…I have been working on the lace edging on my Truly Tasha and it is coming along but I get bored with it. I dug out the Danish tie shawl this morning and have made some serious headway into the scrap ball I had attached to it. Need to find the other balls I had set aside for this shawl…HMMMMM wonder where I put those. I balled up the yarn, Artful Yarns Ballet for a simple let the yarn speak for itself cowl, and I think there will be a slight change in the line up. I was finally able to get the Montego Bay pattern, didn’t know it was now available as a Ravelry download, and I really want to use this silk yarn that I was given for my birthday a few years ago for it. The other change may be to cut the Shaolwater shawl as I have been thinking of this crap load of scraps and oddments I have in my garage and I am thinking some kind of organic shawl…just toss everything in a bag and go with whatever comes out of the bag scrap kinda shawl. Any suggestions on a pattern?


PS Stay Tuned, because April is going to be Spinning! I am going to try a few new techniques for me. Spinning with beads and core spinning. I will post my results here. I know I know PICTURES!!!!!

I really need to add pics.

March for Me Has Begun!

I have a few things in the plans.
1. Finish up my Truly Tasha Shawl
2. A cowl of some sort! Perhaps this one!
3. The big one The Shoalwater shawl
4. Finish one UFO The Danish Tie Shawl

Anyone want to join in? Tell me what you are going to knit for you?

Come on be selfish with us! Knit for yourself!

My Cooking Adventures

Well I haven’t exactly kept up with my New Years Promises, but I blog without obligation so there fore it will by nature be sporadic.

I digress. Saturday night I made Moroccan 7 Veg Couscous with turkey legs as the meat. I confess that even though I am married to a Moroccan I have not made Couscous since we lived in Oklahoma and we moved here when my son was 2, he is now 15. That being said I did get high praise indeed from my children who are connoisseurs of couscous. If it is bad they will say so, if it is good they will say so, if it is delicious they want it again.

My sisters-in-law are the best couscous makers I know and the kids love their couscous. However the resident connoisseurs of couscous determined it “REAL Couscous”

I however need to work on the timing of the vegetable some of them got a little too mushy for my taste, but I will make couscous again and not wait another decade to do so.

Now on to another, much more simple recipe, one that has alluded me in the past and not turned out right each time before that I tried to make it. Eggs-in-a-basket. I know pretty simple, so simple a caveman could do it. LOL Well not I. Until I read the Pioneer Woman cookbook yesterday while hanging out at Barnes and Noble with the kids, then it made perfect since.

I made me one, my husband one and this morning my daughter one.

So those are my cooking adventures. I am going to try another of Ree’s recipes this week. Marlboro mans favorite sandwich sorry Matteo.