Movie Page

July 21, 2010
Date Night Hilarious! My Husband I went to see it we laughed so much and so hard.
It’s Complicated Also hilarious! This was borrowed from the library. I love our Library

Ok. Our local library has a wonderful collection of DVD’s. So I thought I would start a movie page.
Reviews a la Katie and Hanane

Mansfield Park
Of course a Jane Austen book, made movie. I absolutely loved it. I never read the book, but I want to now. So I should skip over to the Summer Reading page and add it there.

I am Legend
GREAT MOVIE! Tear jerker! Love end of the world doom movies. Be we destroyed by disease, comet, etc. I love them. And ok…I’ll admit it Will Smith doing hanging sit ups is my new favorite, knocking Rocky III (the Russian one) where Rocky does them out in Siberia. Will has him beat. Sorry Sly!

What a crappy movie! I love it and I hate it! Bratty well beyond Bratty little sister! Gesh! Somebody should have knocked the crap out of her. My girls wanted to know if she ever heard about the sister code.

Bound to become the Breakfast Club for this generation. I laughed and laughed. When my girls are my age they will be showing this movie on Saturday and Sunday mornings. For nostalgics reasons.
They will watch it their kids will love it. It is funny and touching all at the same time.

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