Praying for Peace Days Approaching

The end of next week brings us to our small but meaningful effort in the peace process.
On the last and first day of the month we ask that you our readers set aside a little time on these days to think, pray for or do something for peace. Knit a few rows in honor of peace, say a little prayer in your own way. Journal about or just send good thoughts out into the world for peace. Spend the noon hour your time for peace if you can.

Please stop back by on the first and leave us some feed back let us know if you personally felt anything.We would love to hear how you feel your prayers are being answered.

Again that is on 31st and 1st.

Every prayer helps

One stitch at time.

Muslim Woman Approaches the School

I don’t know if you know or not, but I work as a substitute teacher for the local school district. It is always a joy to pull up in front of a new school walk up to the door ring the bell to be let in. The looks I get are amazing. You can physically see the discomfort in people’s faces. At two schools I was at recently, after getting inside signing in and heading of to my days post. It realized it was not a look of discomfort, but a look of “Ahhhhh, Sh** another one” Because they had Muslim employees on staff. Today I had the privlidge of working with “Muslim Nurse Mary Rose” (name changed to protect her identity) at a previous school I had the chance to work with “Teacher Samira” (name also changed)

I love the comments I get when working in these situations.
Staff: “Ahhhh you follow the same religion as Nurse Mary Rose/Teacher Samira” So where are YOU from?
Me: Oklahoma
Staff: No originally Nurse Mary Rose/Teacher Samira are from (insert middle east country of your choice here)
Me: Born in Kansas. Raised in Oklahoma.
Staff: Ah so where are parents from?
Me: Oklahoma
Staff: Orginally?
Me: Yep
Staff: So why do you dress like that?
Me: Because I follow the same religion as Nurse Mary Rose/Teacher Samira
Staff: But if you are American you should be Christian
Me: Well I chose to be Muslim
Staff: Why?
Me: Because it fits.

etc etc etc

Having a book discussion.

Me: Oh what book are you reading it looks interesting.
Staff: Oh you would be interested it is about Christianity.

Sitting at ‘my’ desk
Staff: Oh excuse me I need to get MY BIBLE
Sitting at “my” desk
Staff: Oh here is a copy of today’s bible verse. I made a copy for “Everybody”

The looks are priceless too when you walk in and say, “Good Morning” They want to know of course if they can help me. That’s when I ask for the sub sign in. The very quick looks that shoot around the room.

Today I was most fortunate in my sub position, I actually knew the Vice Principal. I worked with him last year at another school in the district where he was a teacher. He is a very very nice man, and I am going back next week for another job. You have your good ones and you have your bad ones.

Like Wednesday of this week. 1st I got lost trying to find the school because map quest sent me the wrong way! I called the school, it’s raining, pouring really. I am lost in “Little Mexico” Looking for a school, and no one knows where it is. Get the number from my daughter because like an idiot I forgot to write it down on my directions. Call the school “Good Morning **** Middle School. How may I help you?”
Me: Well I seem to be lost. (I give my location)
Secretary: Well which way are you headed on Lavon.
Me: North
Secretary: (honest to God I am not kidding) Well I don’t know my directions. (Then why did you ask)
Me: Ummmmm Okay
Secretary: Do you see a Burger King?
Me: Yes
Secretary: Go past the Burger King.
Me: Which Way?
Secretary: Which way are you going?
Me: Ummmm (what do you say to this? she doesn’t know her directions)
Secretary: Well
Me: Toward Buckingham
Secretary: Ok Turn on Castle
Me: See this is where the problem is. There isn’t a street sign that says Castle.
Secretary: Well it’s there.
Me: What is at that intersection. Can you give me a landmark.
Secretary: I don’t know
Me: Do you really need a Sub?
Secretary: I am trying to help you M’am
Me: Then where do I turn
Secretary: Ok I am going to send you in a big circle

Proceeds to speed speak a set of directions to which I interpret go up Lavon and turn on Castle.
Low and Behold there is a signal light on Lavon for Castle just not one on Broadway and no street sign, I double checked when I left for the day. It had been run over. Hmmmm “Little Mexico”

So I get there walk in, and Oh if looks could kill. But that is not all! Here’s the best part of the day at **** Middle School my phone got stolen. Yes my cell phone my life line. Stolen off my desk! Happy Hump Day to me.

I did get it back. It was discovered ditched in a hall way.

Thank You ***** Middle School. Had an awesome day! 😛

These are the things that happen when the Muslim woman approaches the school.


Ok….I have a why question in your typical two year old fashion. Why is it when someone passes away, you feel the urge to tell them everything. Every thing I have conquered I want and need to show my Father in law.

I picked my spinning back up in March and I keep thinking I can’t wait to show him. Why?
I picked my tatting back up this month and I keep thinking I can’t wait to show him. Why?

I keep thinking I want to go to Morocco and go to the wool market with him. Why?

I guess it is because I know he would appreciate what I am doing with my fiber arts because he loved them too.

He was a remarkable man really.

Last week before the end of finals I dreamed of him and my dad. They were playing cards together. My dad considered him a friend and he considered my dad a friend.

I have read some where that when you dream of the dead it is a real thing, because the dead can not deceive. So perhaps this was a way for them to let me know everything was okay. That they are happy and together playing cards.

I am also guessing that there is no language barrier where ever they are. 🙂

I am sure that eventually I will get over wanting and waiting to show him my finished projects. Someday.

I miss you guys very much!