Hello There, It’s Been Awhile

Hi Everyone,

Katie here. Yes, it’s really me!!! It’s been a LONG time since I have posted and I would really love to get this blog up and moving again with my dear friend Hanane! Hanane and I have talked about it over the past year or so while I have been absent. I think most of you know my beloved husband was killed and then I had a very serious life threatening illness so blogging was really not on my radar.

Hanane emailed me this week and told me about the mitten KAL. I can honestlsy, I am IN!!!! I recently finished a cute pair and guess what…… I gave them AWAY!!!! LOL. I put a pair on my needles last night while I was at knitting group. This time, they are mine, all mine, bwhahahaha. No seriously! It’s mighty chilly outside at 6 am when I take the dogs out!!! Brrrr……

I will post a picture or two soon. I am doing the “classic mitten”….my favorite pattern. I think I have it memorized.

Talk to you soon! ~Katie

One thought on “Hello There, It’s Been Awhile

  1. Hanane says:

    Welcome back and yippee you r doing the KAL

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