Twined Knitting/Tvåändsstickning

Well I learned a new technique and a very old technique at that this weekend. With the help of believe it or not Skype. A Lady onRavelry her name is Mairi, she helped me to figure out how to go about it all.
A Scottish Girl living in Canada helping a Muslim/Okie girl living in Texas to figure out something that was invented in Sweden all via the internet. Wow Modern technology. (yep I stole this line from Mairi)
You can read more on the history of Twined Knitting aka Tvåändsstickning at Knitting Kninja. Apparently there are some great books on the subject which I have added to my wish list on Paperback swap and Amazon. Here is a picture of what I have been working on. It is basically a NOTHING a knitted sampler if you will. Twined Knitting sampler

I plan to cast on for a pair of mittens, which I am sure will get tons of use here in TEXAS LOL. Perhaps someone who lives up north will be gifted. I just think the single color mittens look so classically elegant. Ok I will confess it was these mittens I LURVE them!!!! they are what got me smitten with the whole process. Nothing else those beautiful mittens. I want a pair DANG IT!!!!!

Damn Cat!!!!!

Ok, I cast on with some really pretty angora, for a small shoulder shawl and my Maddy has decided she LOVES Angora. she ate a section of my yarn and carried off the skein. I am not a happy camper.

I can relate, angora is nice and soft. Perhaps it smells rabbity to her. She thinks she killed it! I don’t know but now instead of keeping my knitting in my basket next to my chair, I have to keep in a sealed container. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

What to do? any suggestions?


Crickets and Cobwebs

Wow,,need to clean this place up a bit. The critters have taken control. I have been remiss in writing for the blog since Ravelry came along. Shame shame on me!

Broom out,,,sweeping away the cobwebs from the corners of the page here.

OK….So what is new?

HMMMMM tons of stuff.

1. I am finally ready to graduate from community college I will officially have and associates degree in December. (that is if I can pull off College Algebra) Yay me!!!! What can I do with that???? Not much I think! I could be wrong but I doubt it. (it might make me a few more dollars a day substituting)

2. My daughter turns 20 on Thursday…boy am I OLD!!!!

3. Trying to line up my summer classes and the kids activities.

4. Spinning and loving it. (NO NOT THE EXERCISE) Fiber wool etc.


I just haven’t a chance to get by here in awhile and I blame Ravelry. It is a colossal time suck but so much FUN!!!!! When they say it is like a MySpace or Facebook for Knitters they are not kidding!!!!

Katie has finally been dragged kicking and screaming into the fray as well. What can we say blogging world Ravelry ROCKS!!!

I have made many new friends there and enjoy their company, but I must not forget the people who us started the blogging world the people who do actually read and hope that we write.

With that said and the last bit of cobwebs whisked away I will make it in here a bit more often than once every couple of months.

I have some ideas I need to bounce of some of you get your opinions. I need a test knitter or two for another pattern I am going to post and I’ll be danged if I post this one with out opinions first. My cabled headband has caused too many issues. I promise I will get those worked out and get that reposted as well.

So if you are interested just let me know in the comments here and I’ll get back with you. They are fingerless mitts. Of a on old lacy variety.

I was thinking we should do some sort of KAL or Swap over the summer. Something PEACE related….Need Ideas.

Type to you soon