Knitting Our Way to Peace Texas Gathering

Ok, I have decided to do something drastic. I think what we started here is a good thing. I think it needs to move beyond just posting our random thoughts. Not that our Random thoughts are bad, in fact I think we have great random thoughts, and to be perfectly honest the Texas Gathering idea was a random thought that I am kinda running with!

I have a helper on Ravelry WarriorMom. Thanks Sweetie I appreciate the help.

I think it is time! Time to honor ourselves and each other. Here’s to those of us who are trying to understand each other over one stitch at a time.

Katie you wanna design the flyer?

2 thoughts on “Knitting Our Way to Peace Texas Gathering

  1. Teresa says:

    July 9-16. That’s when I’ll be in Texas. ya’ know. just sayin’.
    Are you talking about a one evening, one day or weekend type gathering?

  2. Sarah E. says:

    This sounds interesting and fun and worthwhile. I live in Waxahachie. I don’t drive, so don’t know if I could ever make a meeting, but perhaps there could be online get-togethers? I found you from stitchin’ fingers, and I really like your blog and what you have to say.

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