Ok….I have a why question in your typical two year old fashion. Why is it when someone passes away, you feel the urge to tell them everything. Every thing I have conquered I want and need to show my Father in law.

I picked my spinning back up in March and I keep thinking I can’t wait to show him. Why?
I picked my tatting back up this month and I keep thinking I can’t wait to show him. Why?

I keep thinking I want to go to Morocco and go to the wool market with him. Why?

I guess it is because I know he would appreciate what I am doing with my fiber arts because he loved them too.

He was a remarkable man really.

Last week before the end of finals I dreamed of him and my dad. They were playing cards together. My dad considered him a friend and he considered my dad a friend.

I have read some where that when you dream of the dead it is a real thing, because the dead can not deceive. So perhaps this was a way for them to let me know everything was okay. That they are happy and together playing cards.

I am also guessing that there is no language barrier where ever they are. 🙂

I am sure that eventually I will get over wanting and waiting to show him my finished projects. Someday.

I miss you guys very much!