I am just amazed

Dear Katie,

The word is spreading fast about our little blog. People seem to like our little idea here.

On the knitting front. The first clue for the MS3 was posted yesterday. It was to be my second knitting project of the summer. I hope to cast on today.

On the kid front…..busy busy busy!!!!!!!

I am getting a little sick of RAIN!!!!!! It sucks…it has rained almost everyday since Spring came in and we are well into summer. We had a little sunshine yesterday and it rained last night again, the sun was shining this morn…but alas it is clouding up again. I don’t think it is EVER going to stop…I may have to build and ARK and start gathering animals 2×2 soon.

Speaking of which I am dying to see “Evan Almighty” It looks just too good.

Sahara and I stayed up late last night and watched “Apocalypto” can we say GOREY….yikes…they were truely barabaric. And what is it with Mel Gibson and Subtitles….gee do the movies in English, Already. This way you HAVE to watch all the bloody stuff. It isn’t pretty.

School..I take my math final on Monday, and then I have to concentrate on Astronomy. The first 2 tests are due before I can go on, and they are essay style. YUCK!!!

Then in the fall I am taking 21hrs. 6 of those hours are online. Astronomy finishes in September, then I’ll be back down to 18 hrs.

I know I know I am crazy, but I really want to get finished and I did the rate my professor for all my classes and they are easy.

I had to get my math teacher for my next MATH for DUMMIES class because, she is the best and she may not teach in the spring so that is what pushed me over!!! But like I said her class is easy.

I just need to get these piddly little things out of the way so I can get to university and start taking the GOOD STUFF!!!!

On the Weight Watchers front, I lost 3.2 lbs my first week. My first weigh in was yesterday. YIPPEE!!! I am on my way back down.

To Those Who Have Stopped by and Left Comments

Dear Everyone,

Thanks for visiting us. We are not ignoring our blog. We have just been super busy. I have 3 kids and along with that comes 3 sets of activities, LOL. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world, these are the things that they will remember about their childhood.

And my partner, in blog Katie, is actually in the mist of a MOVE!!!! Good-bye bad, neighbors. *jumping up and down for joy, clapping and whoop whoop whooping*

So we are here…we will get it rolling soon I PROMISE!!!!!!

I Joined Weight Watchers

Dear Katie,

I did it, I decided, besides being banded I need additional help. So I joined WW. I need the support, I need the motivations. I need it not to cost an arm and leg. So, I looked online and thought this could help. I went to my first meeting today and low and behold but they were saying the same things that my 150 dollar a month(with insurance) were saying for much less per month.

I need the motivation, the meetings, the flexibility and the monitoring. Accountability. I need to get my brain straight on the eating front.

So I am giving it a go.

Take care Post soon.


Dear Katie,

How is the move going? Hassan is looking at another house, so we may be moving too. LOL isn’t life funny? On the knitting front, I am working on Hassan’s Sweater vest.

I joined,,,,,NOT a SWAP but a KAL, besides the Argosy which since going to the frog pond has not made it’s way back out.

I joined Mystery Stole 3 on yahoo. I joined 1 and 2 but never knit the stole, but I am making this my other summer project for when I get bored knitting on the sweater.

I will recast on for the Argosy,

I am resisting casting on for another pair of socks until I have the pair finished that I have hidden in my sock bug on my book shelf. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH big secret!


Knitting a Vest for Hassan

Well I cast on last night for a vest for Hassan. Well if it turns out too big, (because I’ll confess I didn’t measure him he was in California) I’ll save it for my FIL. Who will appreciate it as much as Hassan would appreciate it and then cast on another for my husband.

I also made my very first row counter. You can see them both on my BLOG.

I have to take the Argosy all the way out because I can’t figure out how to get it back on the needles I didn’t want to tink it all the way back. So Lesson learned I can’t believe I screwed it up so badly.

Especially since everyone else thinks it’s EASY PEASY!!!!

Well until next time. How is the move going?

Dear Hanane

Dear Hanane,

Well, I am finally moving!!!! (Deep Breath Here) My neighbors have finally driven me crazy. I know I have been “talking” about moving for some time now, but over Memorial Day, I decided to take the plunge. Never in my life, have a seen such a conglomeration of jerks in one small area! Interestingly enough,  I called the Realtor on Tuesday and I bid and accepted a house on THAT day!! That’s “divine timing” for ya! It’s in the same town but a completely different area. I know, that sounds weird. These New England towns are quirky at best. Maybe I should write a book about it! I LOVE the new house because I am TOTALLY surrounded by woods. Yes, I cannot see a neighbor!!!! (BIG SMILE) There will be some wonderful places to sit outside and knit and I will have a BRAND NEW studio!!!

Now let’s discuss the “most important” factor here. Yarn storage!! Oh the closet space I will have for yarn!! I will definitely get pictures once we get settled and I unpack my stash!!!!  I finally will have a dedicated yarn closet!!!

So posting this summer will be less frequent than i’d like. But keep emailing me.  I will need a dose of sanity in this crazy process!!!!

School’s Over

Dear Katie,

School is officially over, No more Lakeview Highschool. I am finished, I have to admit that even though I complained a lot about it I did love it. I loved the pace. The days went by quickly and now it is at it’s end.

Tonight, Friday night June 1st, I sit here on my bed with the laptop thinking ok,,,, I have a few days before the summer semester starts in college. I am unemployed for the summer.

But I do have some things to keep me busy. Designing some more patterns, which I have decided I love doing. I would never have believed in a million years when I started out knitting that I would be designing things to knit, instead of just knitting. But I love it!!!!

Spinning has become great fun as well. I am not sure that it would be something I would really want to do a lot of, because it seems like you need space etc to store fibers to be spun. I have yarn, but I must admit that making my own yarn is kind of appealing.

I did join the KAL for the Argosy, I am loving the pattern but I messed up on one repeat while I was visiting with our friend Liz. So I have to rip back a bit. Cross your fingers that it works out.

Until Next time