Art Journaling

Salaam Ya’ll,

Ok I have been wanting to do this for sometime. I see all the cute ….well that is not the right word….AMAZING art journals that are posted on the internet, and think…..I don’t think I am talented/artistic enough to do that. Well a friend from a knitting list said YES I WAS and of course Katie believes I can do anything (Thanks girl) and so I have started. Not really ready to share it with the world yet, but I have taken a few photos of what I have done…just working up the courage to post one somewhere.

I am now thinking of doing some sort of Peace collage, in my journal. If ya’ll know of some really cool pics let me know. Copyright free of course….

Well my new journey is under way. Thanks again to Katie and Journi, and my other artistic friends who believe I can do whatever I set my mind to.