Islam and Muslim what do they mean to you?

Well Dear,

I think I have done gone and PO’ed everyone in my Online World Religions class today. Not that I really care but DANG. I can only take so much of people using the term Muslim and Islam to describe horrible things.

My professor get this said that, the Terrorist themselves use that label. Personally in all the news story I have seen, it hasn’t been the case. Your average lead-In is Muslim terrorists bomb……. Islamic Extremists do……… Then when you get to the story of the video, letter, whatever. It is alway Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qeada. At least that is what I hear them saying. I don’t know I guess in the Arabic to English dictionary that some people have these words translate to Muslim and Islamic.

My quote on the discussion boards was ” if you are going to label one whole portion of society by it’s belief system then you should do the same for the rest of the world.” The IRA and Basque parties need to be called Catholic Terrorists, etc……

I also cut them off at the pass by telling them not to give me any crap about them killing in the name of God, because there have been many non-Muslims who have killed in the name of God. Mothers, Serial Killers etc.

I mean seriously here folks if a serial killer were to be found tomorrow and he happened to have been raised Muslim the media would attach that to Serial Killer. Muslim Serial Killer Mo Ahmed was arrested today in Podunk, USA.
You know it would happen that way.

Ok enough ranting about my religion class.

Well, well.

Dear Hanane,

Well, this is a long overdue post! Sorry for not posting sooner. The carpal tunnel does me in sometimes! Too much time typing and not enough time creating and knitting. Sigh. The knitting, it has been sadly neglected. My own knitting blog has not been updated in almost a month! I wonder if people think I have abandoned knitting for other creative pursuits?? Actually I have been cooking and baking up a storm these days, but we can talk about that later. If I can just figure out how to budget the computer time, and remember to do my carpal tunnel stretches…….

I had a completely different topic for today, but I read your post Hanane. Very well put. And I could not agree more. If everyone took a look at a group of people that they dislike (hate is such a strong word) and think WHY do they dislike them?? Because someone told you to?? Because the media portrays it as such??? Because you were hurt by one person of a specific race, religion or sexual orientation and therefore ALL people are like that??? If we all search for something in common, we would find out we are not all that different. Sounds like looking at the world through rose colored glasses doesn’t it?? Well, let’s put them on for ONE DAY, and reach out, find the common ground and share. I wished we lived closer, because this would make for one hell of a knitting group, don’t you think??

For the record, I just cannot join Ravelry. Nothing against the fine folks over there, and I do know I am missing all the fun, but I can’t. I can barely keep up with all my blogs (and if you read this you know I post one for every four of Hanane’s!! I’m bad, I know) so you’ll just have to be my eyes and ears over there!!!

And for all of you who visit this blog, thank you!! It’s all about peace here, and I’m a peace junkie too, Hanane! I’m working on some cool buttons so Y’ALL can post ’em on your blog and get others to spread the peace! We knitters are a magical group! Maybe one of us should run for president!!! 🙂

Love ya like a sister,


Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover or Person by their Nationality, Relgion etc.

I really don’t know what to title this entry. I was over at Trampled By Geese and was reading her post from yesterday. (that’s the link in case you want to read what she said). She made a very good point about not judging a whole portion of society based on the actions of one. (I think she referred to a Turkish Jerk and not being able to judge all Turks by him)

I know tons of Muslim people who truly believe that Jews are evil. That God put them here for us to destroy. I can’t look at Jewish children playing or Jewish mothers mothering, etc with out thinking these are human beings.

I am going to give a tell you of a horrible failure on my part, I wasn’t there, but it was related to me by my husband and my son. Now mind you this was about 7 years ago, at the beginning of what is being called the second Intifada. and the little boy who became it’s poster child. There was a little boy around 11-12 that was killed in the violence while he and his dad were trying to get home. It was on all the news shows on the Satellite TV that my husband watches, they talked about it at the mosques there were flyers banners etc with the pictures on it.

Well not long after this all happened my husband and son went to Morocco and on their way home from Morocco they had a long layover in London. Well they went out and apparently ended up in a very Jewish neighborhood on a Friday evening around sunset, (nothing happens by accident does it) and there were a lot of men walking with their sons to shul, and my son asked who were all these people dressed alike and were they Muslims etc. My husband told him no they were Jewish and it was time for them to go to prayer.

My son ( and here is my failure ) after walking and looking turned to his dad and asked “Jews really have kids?”

I just felt terrible he was only 6 years old and what he had seen on the news had effected him in a way that he thought surely Jewish people could not have children or even like children if they were killing them. So as best I could, when he got home I made sure he knew and his sisters knew that there are good and bad people all over the world. Religion, Race, etc has nothing to do with it. Evil is Evil. Good is Good.

I am very proud to be who I am and I want peace in that area of the world for all, I don’t pray for Palestinian victory or Israeli Victory I pray for Peace. I cling on to anything from the Jewish or Muslim world that is going toward peace, that is pointing out the bad on both sides.

I shared this bit of information with you because I want you to know, that we all have to be careful about how we let news, and just random actions from clouding our judgment of the whole, because the parts don’t alway equal the whole. Also it’s was a demonstration of a saying my mother always said. “Little pictures have big ears” Meaning children pick up what they want and if it isn’t explained to them properly then they can grow up with wrong ideas about things.

Lesson learned: Talk to your kids about what’s being shown on TV.


We’re on Ravelry

Well while looking at the groups on Ravelry, I thought gee this is a good place to spread our message. There are Muslim groups and Jewish groups out there but none that join the two together. So I thought why not spread the love. Join more people through knitting. Take our little blog to the next level.

Isn’t that our mission, bringing peace to the world one stitch at a time.

I know I am crazy, but right now I need to feel PEACE! I need to promote PEACE! (I know you understand Katie)

So if you come by Ravelry and wanna check us out…(4 11 22 members at current count and that includes me) Knitting Our Way to Peace is the group name.

Salaam and Shalom

Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair

Dear Katie and readers,

I highly recommend this book! Laurie will make you laugh out loud. She even brought tears to my eyes. (missin’ my daddy)

I have been totally annoying the girls by calling them in and reading passages to them. Watch out soon I will be quoting the book on the blog.

She is hilarious, I love her blog and now she has a book that has to be on everyones bookshelf, for both knitters and non knitters alike!


Looks Like Rain!? Brought to you today by the #’s 1 and 3

Well it is looking like rain here in Dallas today. 8am and cloudy! I am not complaining mind you. I love the rain, I should be sleeping in but instead after morning prayers, I have stayed up and I finished another…yes you read that correctly ANOTHER Calorimetry. I think I am in love with this pattern. A friend wrote a tutorial for a smaller version. I have made 3 so far and I am loving making them. The first on turned out GINORMOUS, the second one much better and the Low-Cal version, i have upon my head as I type. I made it from the Berroco Cotton twist you sent me last year, I love the colors and it is SO cute. Ok, ok here are pics.

First GINORMOUS…I followed the pattern, what can I say.

Second the Smaller Version, I like this one too, I am going to make some out of cotton for the girls to use for grooming purposes.

Third the Low-Cal, Calorimetry, My FAV

In other knitting news
One EZ Ganomy Hat My Son the Supermodel


One, yes only ONE Saartje’s Bootees Must knit second one

And a (1)Rasta version of Mr. Dangly This is an Eid Gift for Suky needs arms, legs and tail

That’s All Folks.