Tatting With Friends

Today as every Tuesday for what about a month now I have gone to the Richardson Senior Center to meet with a very friendly bunch of ladies.

We laughed until we cried today over a silly joke.

We shared our knowledge and love of the craft.

At the end of the day all I had to show for my hours there was a pile of thread.

But I had a blast!!!!!!!

It was a fun time for all I believe. I really enjoy my time with these women. I enjoy my time at the Senior Center. Everyone who works there is nice too.

I thank Mary Jo for starting this group. I really love my knitting groups, but there is something about this group that is so unique and perhaps it is the age difference in the group that makes it unique. Perhaps it is just the thread and the knots.

But I think it is the company!!!!

Why Poo Poo other peoples Happiness and Fun!?

Ok, I started a thread on one of my tatting groups on Yahoo (Katie i am beginning to think you’re right about groups) about hand-dyed thread. I am by no means a professional, and I don’t claim to be one. Nor do I play one on TV.

I have had success with my Easter egg dye. LOL it is safe, the kids had a great time. We watched it fizz up and make this neat marble texture on the thread. They didn’t have to wear masks and I didn’t have to be worried that I had harmed their lungs in the process. They enjoyed setting them out in the sun. IT WAS FUN! Good old fashion family fun!

So having posted that I had had success with my Easter Egg dye with T-shirts, tights and cotton yarn. I got some responses from the “professionals” saying that I was doing it WRONG that I had to use dye x and process z to create hand-dyed thread. And there was a whole blog post(on blogger) about my Willy Nilly behavior and the consequence that could arise from such. (It’s thread people)

Well let me tell you, I have hand-dyed thread and I didn’t use dye x or process z. My kids had a blast, and if it fades a little or bleeds a little. SO WHAT!!!! It is mine, I did it I am proud of it and who are you to say I was going about it in a “Willy Nilly” fashion. Believe me I do not plan on ever becoming your competition because that is not where my talent is. I know that.

We had a day of fun stirring up dye adding vinegar and watching it fizz. And we got colored string in the process. SO THERE! I even tatted up a bit of trim 4 rings and chains and gave it a little scrub a dub in my hand with laundry soap to see what would happen. Nothing to be too concerned about. (and that was with A LOT of scrubbing)

I don’t know too many people who put their bookmarks or books in a puddle of water. (if they do they should have their heads examined)
I didn’t dye up enough to make a pair of baby booties so no fear of the little angels feet changing color. (Not that I would tat a pair of baby booties with size 10 Cotton) I may go with something a little more elegant than that. After all they would be heirlooms.

So get off your high horses and leave the “Willy Nilly” people to their fun!!!!!