Ramadan Mubarak

Well Ramadan started on Saturday. Long days, long evenings, cooking, trying to stay awake after 6pm to cook. All in a days work. We begin this year the fasting of the long summer days. For the next, oh goodness I couldn’t even begin to do the math. Let’s see it moves forward 11 days every year… and there are 4 months of summer and 3 months of day light savings…..so that is lets say 31 x 7 ……oh you get the picture….It will be years before we get to fast short days again. But alhumdullilah we live in a time where fasting is not as hard as it was on the people who came before us…as we have air conditioning. We have the ability to stay cool if we elect to do so.

I think about those who are not as fortunate as myself, the men and women around the world who work in virtual slave labor in horrible conditions, and those who work out in the hot sun doing manual labor. I consider myself fortunate that I have the opportunity to work indoors where it is cool.

I will say that today my daughter and I walked to the grocery store, less than a mile from my home from door to door, but the heat was almost unbearable. I was soaked through by the time I arrived home.

Last weekend we hosted an iftar (pronounced if tar) at our local musalla (moo sal a) Saturday and Sunday night. It was a nice small gathering. Thank goodness. But several people brought bananas, brought bananas B A N A N A S…..sorry…I digress. Well on Sunday I told my husband that what bananas were not eaten we would take home and let them ripen and I would make banana bread. So this afternoon was go time on the bananas and I made 4 loaves of banana bread and a pan of mini muffins. Took one to the neighbor, and I will be taking the other 3 with us on Friday night to the Musalla for iftar. It turned out really good. I found a recipe that I really like on line. HERE It turned out moist and deliciously sweet. I used pecan pieces in it.

Why are walnuts so expensive more expensive than almonds?

I will do a repeat of this process next week if bananas are brought again this weekend.