Twice Monthly Knitting Meditation for Peace

Here is the plan. Each first and last day of the month you can spend some time at noon knitting, thinking, meditating, actually work for or any combination of this list for peace. At the very least dedicate the first couple of rows on those day to thinking about peace.

Don’t forget April 30th and May 1st. Knit your way to Peace.

May 16th 2008

The last and first days of this month were spent contemplating life, death and peace.
My father-in-law passed away on April 27th. He was a great guy! I loved him dearly. Everyone who met him loved him.

He was funny and fun to be around. He was very irreverent about religion. He made jokes about it all the time. He would make fun of Imam’s. But he did have a serious side as well.

So on the knitting meditation days though I did not knit. My thoughts and prayers were for him and his peace. For peace in the family that he left behind. Peace for my husband who will miss his father deeply. Peace for his sisters and most of all Peace for his mother.

My father in law loved her very much. They were best friends. Now don’t get me wrong he would get very annoyed with her but he adored her.

His motto was….. “To have a good marriage you MUST, treat your wife like you would treat, your girlfriend.” (But occasionally hide in the backyard where she can’t find you, if you need a break)

I traveled the world with this man. Alone with just me and my children. He was remarkable in making himself understood. Oh the stories he could tell. I so wanted to go back there this summer and curl up on his bed and look through the old picture box and hear the stories. But like him the stories are silent now, gone.

One thought on “Twice Monthly Knitting Meditation for Peace

  1. Mavis says:

    Diaried these days. great idea

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