Dear Hanane,

I just posted over at our old blogger address with this NEW and IMPROVED (hopefully, fingers crossed) site as a link. I thought we’d leave it up a bit until I finish transferring all your wonderful patterns over here!!!! Hopefully everyone can join us here for a lively discussion about ALL THINGS not just knitting!!! So, let the merriment begin!!!

Welcome to our new home!!!

Welcome to Hanane and Katie’s new home on WordPress. We had way to much trouble with Blogger (sorry guys for saying that out loud) but as you know if you have follwed us, our blog was deleted several times and lots of little technical issues kept happening. So, here we are. I’m slowly making the blog “ours” and hopefully it will run smoothly from here on out. Check back later in the week for more updates!! I can only do this in small doses or my head will explode!!!!