College/University Started

Hey faithful readers,,,,if I am sorry for the lag this week but alas, College/University resumed this week for the kids and me. I am taking Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing as well as Neural Basis of Speech, and a class that I hope turns out to be and Easy Peasy one….Educational Psychology. I will be in classes on Tues and Thursday from 4pm to 6:45 pm and on Mon and Wed from 7pm to 8:15pm.

Yay ME!!!! If I am not a puddle of goo at the end of the semester it will be a really good thing. I am looking into getting a digital recorder….anyone have any suggestions on a type to buy? I am really going to need it in the A&P class…she talks really fast and I can’t write that fast and forget taking a lap top however I may give that a whirl too as I can type pretty fast!!!!!

On the KAL front:
I am done with the first cuff đŸ˜¦ Sad I know but I gave us until the end of February officially to finish the KAL. So hopefully I will get both mittens done in that time frame and if not…..Well at least I gave it a go right?

The Dashing KAL

I am doing another KAL as well on Facebook with some intrepid knitting friends and I am to the hand portion of it as well gonna start the thumb in about 14 more rounds. ahhhhhh the joys of knitting.

Saturday will still be my regular Farm Day… Will be heading out to Jacobs on Saturday for some well earned R&R and co-hosting the event with Dina another faithful Barnie.

Until next time!



Well, Here I am finally at the keyboard after too long of a time away from this blog. But can we all say: “LIFE” Yes that four letter word that gets us all distracted from things we like to do.
School has started back up for me, plus I am working and still trying to homeschool the kidlets.
Busy busy busy. Just call me SUPER WOMAN!!!

The past 29 days we have been in the whirl wind of Ramadan, tomorrow is the last day. Can we now say: “Thank God!” (not being sarcastic…..much). It is just a busy time of year. With all the dinners and the not eating and the late prayers. Next year I am taking Ramadan OFF!!! NO! I don’t mean I am skipping it I mean I am doing nothing else for the entire month!!!!!

I swear, you break your fast you get a burst of energy, you go to the evening prayers and the next time you look at the clock it is 12:30am and you think GESH I should probably go to bed because I gotta get up before dawn tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and you do it all over again. For 30 days because “WE” never have a 29 day Ramadan EVER!!!!!

Somehow I don’t think that is right I mean at least once in the 20 years I have been Muslim, Ramadan should have landed on a 29 day month right? I mean seriously what are the odds that for 20 years with it moving 11 days earlier each year that it would never land on one of those SHORTER months? HMMMMMM????? I smell a rotten fish in the basket. I guess they think better save than sorry. But maybe with the NEW”high tech”, (astronomy LOL) let nasa decide, we will actually start having a 29 day month. MAYBE!!!!

Well like I said we have ONE MORE DAY….count it ONE!!!! Until Eid on Wednesday. I took the kids shopping for new clothes today, that is always such a beating!!!! The boy was more dramatic than the middle girl this year over what he wanted to wear. Who knew! Then after that ordeal I had to go to work and be on my feet for 5 hours. I am sore and tired. But I am awake because…..well I really don’t know why I am still awake.

Oh yes I do,,,I was going to write an Ethics paper that is due tomorrow and instead I am here typing a blog post instead.

I guess when I wake up before dawn tomorrow and before I go to class at 9am I will write the paper because honestly I am beat!!!! And because it is fast approaching the witching hour of 12:30am when I say, “I guess I should really be in bed to do this all over again tomorrow, God willing”

Good night my dear friends!!!!!

Hello All!

Well, today I may have stuck my foot in it on the Ravelry boards. In particular the qustions on Judaism. Zionist question! Yes…open mouth insert foot that is me! What else is new right.
If I fall under attack, any suggestions?

We have only one rule on the group and that is play nice, I played nice, I truely did, I just stated my opinion, and offered facts to back my opinion. We’ll see if it brings down the fire and brim stone.

Have a great day!

Islam and Muslim what do they mean to you?

Well Dear,

I think I have done gone and PO’ed everyone in my Online World Religions class today. Not that I really care but DANG. I can only take so much of people using the term Muslim and Islam to describe horrible things.

My professor get this said that, the Terrorist themselves use that label. Personally in all the news story I have seen, it hasn’t been the case. Your average lead-In is Muslim terrorists bomb……. Islamic Extremists do……… Then when you get to the story of the video, letter, whatever. It is alway Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qeada. At least that is what I hear them saying. I don’t know I guess in the Arabic to English dictionary that some people have these words translate to Muslim and Islamic.

My quote on the discussion boards was ” if you are going to label one whole portion of society by it’s belief system then you should do the same for the rest of the world.” The IRA and Basque parties need to be called Catholic Terrorists, etc……

I also cut them off at the pass by telling them not to give me any crap about them killing in the name of God, because there have been many non-Muslims who have killed in the name of God. Mothers, Serial Killers etc.

I mean seriously here folks if a serial killer were to be found tomorrow and he happened to have been raised Muslim the media would attach that to Serial Killer. Muslim Serial Killer Mo Ahmed was arrested today in Podunk, USA.
You know it would happen that way.

Ok enough ranting about my religion class.