Ok, I’m back! And this time for good!

Dear Hanane,

I am writing this from my new studio in my NEW house. Honestly, I never thought this week would arrive! It was one long summer, I can tell you that! But in this market, I am happy to unload, oops I mean sell my house. The new people are very nice and I met them yesterday at the closing. They were having a tough time with their old house and I really didn’t envy them. My old neighbors really left me with a great impression of them to carry to my new place. they refused to even look at me, like I committed some crime for moving. The look, for lack of a better description, was that of smelling a dirty litter box! I am thankful to never see them again. I will post again with some of their antics because they are not to be believed. No seriously.

So, I have been knitting. I made Gillie this dog sweater, and some assorted little dishcloths for my NEW kitchen.


I started a very pretty scarf with La Luz silk yarn (in the Moroccan colorway) but seem to have a bit of difficulty concentrating on the easy for row repeat! I wonder why???

Can you believe this is Labor Day weekend?? Wow. I have a VERY busy September coming up! Well, it is High Holidays coming up (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur). (Hey Hanane, are your outfits ready for Eid??? – grin)Then I am going to see the King Tut exhibit in Philly, and then I have a restful trip to Nantucket for a couple of days. Phew.

And we actually have “subscribers” to our blog??? Welcome!!! I promise I will be a more faithful blogger!!! šŸ™‚

Miss ya like crazy Hanane,


6 Bloglines Subscribers & A Tale of a Daring Knitter

Ok,,,,I am one of them LOL, so 5 unknown persons, have subscribed to our little blog with bloglines. http://www.bloglines.com Bloglines is a group you can register for for free and you can subscribe to the feeds of your favorite blogs and instead of going to each blog individually it you can see at a glance or a scroll in my case who has posted something new on their blog. I personally love it has freed up some space in my favorites.

I need to unsub from a few feeds…lazy bloggers….oh opps well that would be me too…maybe I should give them a second chance. šŸ˜‰

On the knitting front, who has seen the new Folk Style book? I had a chance to look through it @ BN on Saturday and I must say that I am not in love with it. There are a few patterns in there I like, but not enough to spend that amount of money on the book. I’ll wait, the library or SOME library will get it and I can do a loan and copy the ones I want.

Is it just me or do other people have difficulty with the circular beginning!? So few stitches tiny yarn and needles that at that point seem 12 feet long. I am seriously considering using toothpicks for this,,,LOL.

Why you ask am I asking about a circular beginning, well I have decided that after more than a year of mourning I am ready to cast on another Pi Shawl. Yes I am going to brave the world of EZ again and attempt “THE SHAWL THAT KICKED MY BUTT” again.

Synopsis of A Pi Gone Awry

a beautiful daring knitter (who bears no resemblance to anyone in real life)
beautiful yarn(not even lace weight)
crappy needles.

Beautiful yarn(fished from a kiddy pool) meets crappy needles

Crappy needles and beautiful yarn get along wonderfully, UNTIL crappy needle cable breaks and way to many stitches in 2-3 different places ladder down.

The once beautiful results of their brief encounter ends at THE FROG POND.

Beautiful Daring knitter is thrown into deep mourning and sighs heavly at any mention of a Pi Shawl.

Sad isn’t it

Hopefully the Sequel will have a happier ending.

Hanane (aka the beautiful (ha) daring knitter)

Hello Readers

One day I hope and I am sure Katie does too, to be more faithful to this blog.

Upcoming Events in my life
Today 8/27/08 the beginning of the 07-08 school year for my kids and myself, which means I spent the weekend doing last minute things for the kids. (Since we homeschool that entails writing lots and lots of lesson plans)

September 13 Marks the beginning of Ramadan and fasting for 29-30 days from sunrise to sunset.

School continues

October 13 The End of Ramadan and Eid celebrations ( Which means from 9/13 to 10/11 I will be knitting like a maniac to finish Hassan’s vest and Sahara’s entrelac scarf and 2 dolls and a dragon scarf, a monkey and monkey bag for Suky, and thinking up something to knit for Sufyan)

October 20th we will be hosting a craft fair at our Musallah.

School Continues…LOL

It is going to be a busy few months here at the beginning.

Love to all! Don’t give up on us!

Dear Hanane,

I am so sorry to “appear” to be neglecting you and our blog.Ā  Honestly, I’m not for I think of you often, and write these posts in my head, only to get sidetracked by some housing dilemma. Fair warning, I will be back with a VENGENCE in the Fall, when I will undoubtly have more time!!

Let me get y’all up to speed on what is happening here. I SOLD the house. Well, not exactly sold, the purchase and sale has been signed. So it is not final but it appears that way!! And in this market with the mortgages taking a nosedive, I feel very blessed. YAY!!! I am breathing a sigh of relief since now I can move into my new place without three mortgages looming over my head! I am free to buy yarn again!!! šŸ™‚ After all, I do have my priorities!! Ha ha!! I have 14 days (read it as two more loud weekends) with the neighbors. I’ll talk more about the after we move….just in case they stumble upon the blog!!

Am I knitting, YES!! I need to to save my sanity!! I am loving your sewing projects and you just might inspire me to get a sewing machine!!! Oh and I am writing a wee pattern for a knitted camera cozy, and I will post it here….and the cactus as soon as I add the photos to the pattern! So much to do, so little time!

So you wanted to know about my 40th birthday gift???Ā  You can read about it here!! I got a day at Cornelia Day Spa in NYC. An entire day of pampering. It was HEAVEN!!! I am buffed and polished smooth as silk now. Ahhhhhh……… In my opinion one of the best presents I ever got! Oh, and while I was in the city, I naturally had to visit a yarn shop!! I was all set to go to Purl in Soho but it was so HOT and HUMID and the thought of standing waiting for the subway in that heat made me want to hide someplace with air conditioning! EVERY time I go want to go there, it is shut, or too hot or too snowy. Someday!!! BUT, I did go to School Products!! What a haul!!! I got pashmina and cashmere (CHEAP!!!) Not pictured is about 1,500 yards of YAK which I have always wanted to try! The sweater she had next to the yarn was so unbelievably SOFT!! I think I am going to make myself something nice. Oh yah, the shopping trip was partically funded by my mother’s birthday gift….cash!


So there you have it, my life in a nutshell! I hope you are doing well. Read any good books lately???

I have submitted my Bandana Bonnet Tutorial to Thrifty Fun

We will see if it gets published. I hope so! It is quick and easy, a good beginner project. If it gets published I will earn a little money. Not much, it is $15 per publication. They are relatively new site. They only have I think 2 knitting patterns on there and few crochet patterns. So stop in yourselves and see if you too can get published. They will pay you via paypal or you can opt to have it sent your home. Think of it this way, you get $15 extra dollars to spend at Etsy, Ebay, or Knit Picks. šŸ˜‰

http://www.thriftyfun.com stop by. There are quite a few good tips and some interesting crafts.

Until Next Post Hanane
Bandana Bonnet

New Crafts to Report.

I have been making headbands, I gave one away for road testing to a pretty rough and tumble kinda girl. The colors suit her and I think she loved the colors. These were made from bandanas. I can get 3 out of one, 2 adult size and 1 child size.
Bandana Headbands

I embroidered a napkin with a chili pepper shaker, and had a special order for one of my felt skull and crossbone keyfobs in pink and black.
chili pepperĀ napkin

skull andĀ crossbones

I have one more headband to sew up from that bandana. I am working on a Mexican embroidered shape doll, and I need to work on more Dia De Los Muertos Skulls. I have them all cut out and I need to get them embroidered.

Next week I am going to get started on knitting my Eid gifts, and finishing up Hassan’s sweater vest.

Until next time.

Katie, Do Tell!!!

Ok,,,I am so excited I can hardly stand it. What was the big surprise? What fantastic thing did Mark have planned for you in NYC?

Me! Well I am just sittin’ here in a dark ol’ house just me my windows media player, youtube, and the blog. Everyone is out at Friday Night Halaqa. I just couldn’t bring myself to go again this Friday. 3 Fridays and 3 Akikas is enough for a bit! Need a breather, plus I am teaching Sunday school tomorrow.

And I just typed tomorrow I hear car doors shutting in front of the house…and the kids are ringing the door bell like idiots.

Oh well!

I plan on sewing up some headbands tonight, cutting off a pair of pajama pants into capri length because the bottom of the legs are torn, and sewing around a couple of pincushions getting them ready to stuff.