Childhood Memories

I grew up in an old house in Oklahoma, in this old house there was no shower only this old claw foot tub deep and long! I could float in it! It was awesome! Hot, Hot water! It was luscious! So when I saw this picture I just had to post it and write about my memories of that old cast-iron claw foot tub of my youth!

I see a bathroom makeover in my future!!!! I love this!!!!!!!! And I hate my fiberglass glass door bathroom!

Hanane’s Ramblings

Ok when I was young I wore t-shirts, (for those of you who don’t know or didn’t realize I was NOT born Muslim) I use to tie up my t-shirt sleeves with shoe strings colored ones or white ones that I colored with markers. Today on Craft Gossip I saw an updated version of this.

The tutorial for this is at Trendy Treehouse which is a new blog I have added to my bloglines.

Craft Gossip is an amazing website/email daily including weekends and holidays! Great Craft ideas from sewing to clay to cooking to decorating! It’s like I said amazing! I keep it in a folder on my Gmail so I can find things again! So many ideas so little time!!! Plus it makes my bloglines grow on weekly basis. You find very creative people out there in blogger world.

Can we say HOT!!!! It is so stinking hot today! With no end insight until at least November! Summer in Texas last through the end of October! Seems so far away!

Kitten UpDate….. No Comment
Ok a small comment CUTE!!!!!

Crochet Car! This is hilarious!!!

Seeing as how recently I have had a penchant for crochet, seems to be almost instant gratification! I saw this and thought I have to share ! This car was spotted on the streets of Rome! I really need to get to Italy. Katie, we can see a crocheted car and do our sneak operation and find that drawer full of penises. 😉

Kitten Update

He is adjusted well to life in the “E” Family! He knows who his mommies are. Me and Suky! He plays hard and when he is ready to sleep he finds one of us and cuddles up right next to if not on one of us.

We actually left him home last night when we went out and he slept the entire time we are sure. He didn’t touch his milk and was not crying when we came home. We were gone 4hrs and I expected to come home and hear a crying baby, but alas we found as we left him sleeping!
When we opened the door to the bathroom he hopped out of his basket drank some milk and then right into his litter box. Such a good kitty!

We put him in the hall bathroom with all his stuff, because the other cats are not taking to him very well yet and we did not want him to be abused while we were away.

Kitty Rescue @ Chase Bank

Hello Everyone! Thursday Night my husband and I went to make a deposit at Chase Bank. While he was standing at the ATM he kept hearing a kitten mew! So the search began, we found this little guy in the hedgerow next to to the street. The only thing between him and certain death was the sidewalk and the curb. There was no signs of mom or other sibs. We can’t even imagine how he came to be there, but we took him home with us and named him Chase. I was a muddy wet mess by the time the rescue mission was complete. Because I was down on the wet ground elbows in the mud!

Of course he had to have a bath to kill the fleas!

He was a little trooper he didn’t cry or claw at me, he took it really well!