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JULY 8th 2007 A GREAT BOOK!!!! Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

This book was AWESOME!!! I picked it up from the library on Thursday, I started reading it Saturday morning and I finished it Saturday night. I laughed, I cried, I was horrified. It is a historical fiction novel. The authors first. I hope she writes again.


Here is where we can discuss what we are currently reading….feel free to join in the discussion. Recommend a book or leave your opinion on a book we have read.

Katie: Well, my reading tastes are currently shifitng. I am in favor of the shorter, quicker “fun” reads now!!! I am currently reading Janet Evanovich. I find her books very entertaining and easy to get into when you don’t have tons of reading time!
Hanane: Well let’s see, I just finished “Scroll of Seduction”, it was an excellent book. A Historical Fiction Novel about Juana of Castille, or Juana the Mad. My daughter pointed out to me that there is a movie based on the book or is the book based on the movie, called “Mad Love” which I have to see.

At Katie’s suggestion I picked up “Labyrinth”. I haven’t started reading it yet but I will soon.
I don’t have a whole lot of time to read these days with finals coming up. But I am looking forward to summer. We may have to host a read-a-long. Something to think about.

Katie: Hi Hanane, you are going to LOVE Labyrinth!! I thought it was so well written and researched. I am definitely going to get a copy of “Scroll of Seduction” too!! I made a visit to the bookstore (always a fun time!!) this weekend and picked up some new things to read….like I need new books, right???? Now I just need to find time to read too!!! 🙂

Hanane: Hi Katie, I think you will like “Scroll of Seduction”. My middle one read it and she loved it. It has actually led her to do more research on Juana the Mad. I love homeschooling. I added a Books We Want to Read page. Add your future reads. Did I mention I love this new blog format?

Katie: Ok, I am about half way through my two reading challenges (Award Winning Challenge and The Armchair Traveler Challenge) I will post about both but I have to say I am enjoying them much more than if I were in a book club.  I’m thinking about joining another for January. You pick four books and they all have to have the same theme. Mine are all going to be about painters or paintings. Want to join me???? 

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