A Project to Get Behind

Well as some of you may know we have a sister group over on Ravelry where we discuss peace, religion, and other general knitting stuffs.

Well we have a wonderful member SopiaRowan who proposed a Peace Project and has started it 198 Countries Peace Project She need volunteers to make this happen. I have taken Morocco, duh big surprise there, right?

I am 100% behind her on this. Let’s make it happen readers. You don’t have to knit or crochet she is taking all media.(Is that the right word?)

Let’s make Peace on Earth. Let it begin with YOU!!!

It is that Time Again

It is already the last and first of the month. Please remember to dedicate the first row, the first hour or the day on the 31st of Jan and Feb 1st to Knitting for Peace. Remembering people, places that need peace in their life. Sending out that good knitterly mojo out into the cosmos for all the world to benefit from.

Pray in your own way.
Salaam and Shalom

Knitting for College Credit!? YES

Well let me be the first to say, I hope this visiting professor visits somewhere in the DFW area because I will be first to sign up. Geography of Knitting is being offered at Gustave Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN, and I for one am extremely jealous. I have been following along on their blog and getting more and more jealous each day I read. At least you can follow along online. I just want to say that Professor Dowd needs to take this class to colleges around the country, because I for one would sign up!.

Drop in to the class and see what they are up too and what they have been working on. It is really very interesting.


Neckwarmers, Cowls, Ruffs, Gaiters!!!!! Can we say OBSESSION!!!

I have a new obsession! Yes the title says it all, I google them, ravel them, look for them in my books. It IS an obsession. They are quick, which is good, small (read portable in the corner of my book bag [school starts monday] ) and just fun, who knew there were so many styles. My queue, and faves on Ravelry has grown and grown over this past week.

I knit the Scarflette, I am working on the Ruff from One Skein Wonders, I have a plan for some yarn from Liz that is going to be be a neckwarmer from the One Skein Wonder Designers book.

Plus tons more that I have saved in one form or another on Raverly. My next two will be the two cashmere cowls from Purl Bee. #1

Ok that is all about new obsession!

The reason for my obsession. Well I hate scarves. I knit them, but I never wear them. I mean how practical is a scarf with a scarf? So when I wear the triangular scarves and it is cold and windy outside, I can put on a neckwarmer and then put my scarf on and my neck stays warm, my head stays covered ( that is the problem with scarves, they cause my scarf to slip).

3 Cheers for Neckwarmers the Muslim Girls Friend!!!!!!!

Oh and one more pattern!!!! From Knitty (OK I LIE 3 MORE) the Ice Queen , Sugar on Snow and Aibhlinn

Ok that is it for the Obsession!!!!!