Hello All!

Well, today I may have stuck my foot in it on the Ravelry boards. In particular the qustions on Judaism. Zionist question! Yes…open mouth insert foot that is me! What else is new right.
If I fall under attack, any suggestions?

We have only one rule on the group and that is play nice, I played nice, I truely did, I just stated my opinion, and offered facts to back my opinion. We’ll see if it brings down the fire and brim stone.

Have a great day!

We’re on Ravelry

Well while looking at the groups on Ravelry, I thought gee this is a good place to spread our message. There are Muslim groups and Jewish groups out there but none that join the two together. So I thought why not spread the love. Join more people through knitting. Take our little blog to the next level.

Isn’t that our mission, bringing peace to the world one stitch at a time.

I know I am crazy, but right now I need to feel PEACE! I need to promote PEACE! (I know you understand Katie)

So if you come by Ravelry and wanna check us out…(4 11 22 members at current count and that includes me) Knitting Our Way to Peace is the group name.

Salaam and Shalom