Change! New Beginnings!

As the New Year approaches, and our family has experienced a major change and a new beginning, with the marriage of our oldest daughter Sahara. It has taken some getting use to. Simple things like remembering to turn off the front porch light. I know she is not home and not at work, but I catch myself wanting to leave it on for her.

She called yesterday to ask me about making chicken fried steak, in which order the cube steak went into the flour egg wash and breading. I knew then that the torch had been passed. I did the same thing to my mom, when I first got married and even later. Hey how do you……?

She was my runner, if I needed something from the store, she helped with getting younger siblings to and from events, such as rehearsals and had taken control of library trips for about 2 years. That has all fallen back on me. Which I don’t mind it is just weird.

I miss her a lot but, I am adjusting slowly. Change and New beginnings are hard on everyone.

I know it is a good thing, but it just dawned on me, that soon I am going to be the only female at home, I will be the minority in my house. Us girls have out numbered the guys, now we are tied 2 for 2 and one day in the future I will be out numbered. What will it be like to live in house full of guys. I will have to ask the advise of my friend Carol who has 3 boys and a husband.

Change it is all a part of life. Not something we enjoy, but something we endure.


Wedding Went Well, May God Grant them Happiness

Salaam and Shalom to all, Happy Holidays!

It has been a week since the wedding and I have been relaxing. The ceremonies for the wedding went well. The Bride was beautiful. And both are very happy. As am I that it is all over with.

The Religious Ceremony.

Saying of the Vows

After The first time they were allowed to touch one another EVER!

The Ring!

Now for the “secular” Ceremony.

The Bride

Father and Daughter

The Bridal Party

Bride and Groom

Cutting the Cake

Thanks for sharing this with me.

Bridal Shower, Henna Party, (rehearsal),Kitab, Wedding


The bridal shower was on Saturday night, hosted by my good friend Julie Belmir, it was a success, turn out very nice indeed.

Henna party is tonight and it is being done at her aunts house. (Yippee one less thing I have to worry about)

Tomorrow night is the rehearsal in Arlington.

Friday night is the Kitab, and her dad is taking care of that, well we both are.

Saturday is the big Party in Arlington.

She almost called off the wedding last night. Kind of had my very own “Steele Magnolias” moment there.
But she calmed down, I have not calmed down as of yet, but I am sure that by Thursday I will have.

Wish me luck!

Will post pics as they come available.

Saturday nig