Why Poo Poo other peoples Happiness and Fun!?

Ok, I started a thread on one of my tatting groups on Yahoo (Katie i am beginning to think you’re right about groups) about hand-dyed thread. I am by no means a professional, and I don’t claim to be one. Nor do I play one on TV.

I have had success with my Easter egg dye. LOL it is safe, the kids had a great time. We watched it fizz up and make this neat marble texture on the thread. They didn’t have to wear masks and I didn’t have to be worried that I had harmed their lungs in the process. They enjoyed setting them out in the sun. IT WAS FUN! Good old fashion family fun!

So having posted that I had had success with my Easter Egg dye with T-shirts, tights and cotton yarn. I got some responses from the “professionals” saying that I was doing it WRONG that I had to use dye x and process z to create hand-dyed thread. And there was a whole blog post(on blogger) about my Willy Nilly behavior and the consequence that could arise from such. (It’s thread people)

Well let me tell you, I have hand-dyed thread and I didn’t use dye x or process z. My kids had a blast, and if it fades a little or bleeds a little. SO WHAT!!!! It is mine, I did it I am proud of it and who are you to say I was going about it in a “Willy Nilly” fashion. Believe me I do not plan on ever becoming your competition because that is not where my talent is. I know that.

We had a day of fun stirring up dye adding vinegar and watching it fizz. And we got colored string in the process. SO THERE! I even tatted up a bit of trim 4 rings and chains and gave it a little scrub a dub in my hand with laundry soap to see what would happen. Nothing to be too concerned about. (and that was with A LOT of scrubbing)

I don’t know too many people who put their bookmarks or books in a puddle of water. (if they do they should have their heads examined)
I didn’t dye up enough to make a pair of baby booties so no fear of the little angels feet changing color. (Not that I would tat a pair of baby booties with size 10 Cotton) I may go with something a little more elegant than that. After all they would be heirlooms.

So get off your high horses and leave the “Willy Nilly” people to their fun!!!!!