Happy Fall???

Hi Hanane,

Well, I am happy to hear things are going well and your juggling act with school, work, kids, holidays is working out. I don’t know how you do it girl!!!

My holiday is over, and you know what, I missed it!! I spent it sick in bed with a terrible cold. I did fast but I ended up drinking water all day. Which is ok, if it means your health. So I prayed from home! I am feeling better although I did get a prescription from the doc because it was a sinus infection! Great!! (rolls eyes)

It’s hot here and I am supposed to be in the studio making new Fall and Winter jewelry, but how can I think about cold weather when it is 90 degrees out?? Hopefully we will have some nice Fall weather here soon, I’m sick of summer and ready to put on some nice warm sweaters!

And as far as knitting, seems we are both in the same rut. Small projects that can be finished quickly! I am working on a couple of cozies for your stash bustin’ blog, and test knitting a online buddy’s fingerless mitt pattern. Simple and quick. How did Hassan’s sweater vest come out? Got a picture to share with us??

Well, that’s about all that is new from here. I’m heading into the studio today to get some work done!


Coming Along

Hi Katie,

Ramadan is coming along, very slowly, but it has been good so far. School is also coming along, I didn’t realize how hard 19 hours would be to deal with. Busy, busy. Lots of reading, and studying. Which I should probably be doing right now instead of writing this post.

The kids are doing well, things have settled into a routine. The New co-op is working out well for the kids on Thursdays. Sahara’s work and school schedule is just as hectic as mine. I have to admit that I have not added any work hours to my already busy schedule, I am afraid I would drop the ball on the school end.

Knitting, well small quick projects today I cast on for a pair of baby booties, for an Eid gift.

Small and quick those are the keys to my knitting success as of late. Sad but true.

Peaceful? Relaxing? RamadanYES

Well I can’t say much about peaceful or relaxing but it IS Ramadan and those are the breaks babe. With the month moving around the calendar it can come at easier times or harder times and I think in general this is a harder time.

Let me tell you about Yesterday

I took benedryl after I ate the early morning meal, called Suhoor (sue whore….I know I know don’t blame me) I then proceeded to sleep the remainder of the day off and on and “surprisingly” 🙂 about 11pm last night I was wide awake and RRAREN (said with my best Steve Martin imitation) to go. However the rest of the family was like TURN OFF THE LIGHTS WOMAN!!!! So I did succumb to more hours of sleep and woke refreshed and happy about today.

Fast Forward to today!!

So far so good goes the fast, I haven’t had too many breakdowns along the way. I am sitting in the college computer lab right now, at 6:05pm, my class starts @ 7pm and my DD Sahara is off in the testing center taking an algebra test. So it is 1 1/2 hours until I can let anything pass my lips and I am parched!!!!! I am ready to drink a gallon of water. But I will survive.
I have my Iftar (phonetic this time) in a bag. That’s what I call it “IFTAR IN A BAG” with me and I will discreetly open my protein shake and “sip” (ok gussel) it in my math for dummies class at exactly 7:31pm. Then I will wait semi-patiently for Sahara to finish her Algebra class so we can go home and eat something REAL. Tonight to be exact it is lazy butt chicken alfredo. Remind me to share the recipe someday.

As far as classes are going, not going to bad at all I have been invited to join the honor society Phi Theta Kappa, I am considering it. If anyone reading this knows anything about it let me know, worth the $50 membership or NOT?

That’s it for my ramble.


Hi Hanane!

I hope you are having a peaceful Ramadan. So how is the fasting going now that everyone in your house can fast? Isn’t it nice not to have to make food while you are fasting? Talk about torture! Saturday is my fasting day as it is Yom Kippur. It’s not that bad, until someone at temple starts talking about the roast they have in the oven on a timer. Bah!!

Not much of anything is happening here. I bought myself a pattern over the weekend! I couldn’t resist! Check this out!


Ironically for both of our religions, pork is a big no-no, but isn’t it the cutest! I still think pigs are cute! I even bought the yarn. Yes, MORE yarn, but hopefully I will actually sit down and make the pig! And yes, she will be pink!!!! I need to find some cute little fabric now. Maybe something with pigs on it???

And are you up for another reading challenge?? I found one that YOU pick FOUR books with a THEME of YOUR choosing. Sounds do-able to me! I thought my theme will be art. Since I bought “Luncheon of the Boating Party” by Susan Vreeland and I have NOT read it yet. Interested???

That’s about all for now, I have to dash to put supper in the oven! Talk to you soon my friend!


Ramadan Mubarak!

Dear Katie,

Ramadan starts tonight at the evening prayer. I am as ready as I will ever be, my son is fasting for the first full month this year. Very exciting, he turned 13 on the 5th so he now has to fast like an adult.

I have tons of Eid knitting to get done in the next 30days.

I am going to making a Mr. Dangly Monkey for Suky, and hopefully a monkey bag. Oh by the way those monkey key toppers are too cute, I need to look for some.

I have to get the Harry Potter knitting book, because there are a few things I want to knit from it for Sufyan.

Sahara is hopefully going to get an entrelac scarf.

Besides school that is all that is going on.

Happy New Year!

Hi Again Hanane!

Congratulations on your work being publish!! I love your sewing projects! You are so talented. You just might inspire me to get a sewing machine! I don’t think I have used a sewing machine since 8th grade (no cracks on how that was so long ago…yah, dinosaurs roamed the earth then!!) I was not an ace with the machine. I remember making a pillow and that was slightly lopsided. Imagine my seamstress and quilter extraordinare of a mother’s disappointment on that one!!

Well L’Shana Tovah to our Jewish Readers. Another Rosh Hasanah is upon us!! I really love this time of year. The new year brings such joy and the promise of a fresh start! And I’m really taking this fresh start thing seriously too!! My new website is almost done, I have a new studio space which I love and I am really organizing all my stuff. I bought only the things I LOVED from the new house, and gave away or left behind the things I didn’t. Here’s to a Happy New Year to everyone, Muslim, Jew, Christan, Buddhist…… it doesn’t matter, celebrate!

Oh yah, I deleted my post about the neighbors. It was really not blog appropriate, since it is neither about religion or knitting. Speaking of that, are you knitting anything good?? How is the “Mystery” shawl coming along?? I actually made myself a pair of “Fetching” gloves for me. Amazingly enough, I make them and they seem to “disappear”. All my friends have them now but me!! So, this pair I am keeping. I’ll get a picture soon.

I have to run, I have a pack of hungry dogs here. I better feed them before they start eating the furniture!!!




It’s Published, Officially + Life in General

The Bandana Bonnet is officially up at Thrift Fun click here to see the pattern/tutorial

School is going great. I have had 2 exams already and it just started last Tuesday.

Kids are doing well with their school work and enjoying co-op this year. I was really nervous about sending them to this new one. It is one day a week, one day when I am in school all day so it works, for them and me.

That’s about it! Was going to post a vent here but didn’t really think this was the place to do it.