Eid Mubarak minus Fashion Parade News

To those of you who celebrate this holiday I wish you good health for the new year and and many blessings. God willing next year we will be able to make the pilgrimage your self and celebrate our Eid in the Holy City of Mecca.

I had a good day. We got up early got dressed and headed out to meet Hassan who had to work Thursday night at the masjid for the Eid prayer and khutba (Sermon). We went to a small mosque for the Eid Prayer not the big to do down town. With Hassan having had to work we just felt it would be easier so that is why no fashion parade to report.

After Eid Prayer we went to Denny’s for Breakfast, then home for the girls to change. Then we made a trip to JoAnn’s fabric and craft for Wedding stuffs, since I had the 20% off total purchase, 50% off one regularly priced item, and several 40% off coupons we decided to take advantage of at least one store on Black Friday. JoAnns surprisingly not all that busy.

After our spree at JoAnns the kids and I went to the dollar movies to see FAME (I’m gonna live forever…Light up the sky like a flame…..FAME….People will see me and cry>>>> Remember….remember…..remember) “So you wanna be famous? Well fame costs and right here’s where you start paying in sweat” Apparently the movie got terrible ratings but the kids and I enjoyed it. It was a decent remake of an “old” movie. (Sorry don’t consider the 80’s old)

Who is dying to see the “Breakfast Club” besides me? I love that movie. Got into an argument with some kids yesterday who said all the people who played teens in that movie were too old to be playing teenagers.
I said Judd Nelson was way too old to be playing a teen he was pushing 30 at the time. I knew Molly and Anthony were exactly my age which was 17 at the time. Emilio and Alley Sheedy were 23 so technically too old but not TOO old to play a teen they had the right look.

So anyway now I am dying to see the Breakfast Club. Must make a run to the movie store to see if they have it .

Anyway Eid Mubarak


Day of Arafat/Thanksgiving

This year the Hajj season coincides with Thanksgiving. In particular a specific rite of the Hajj, know as the Day of Arafat, the day when Muslims who are on Hajj spend the day at Mount Arafat asking God for forgiveness. Those of us who are not fortunate enough to make the journey to Mecca, fast this day and ask for forgiveness as well. So while most of America is chowing down around 12pm we will still be 5 hours away from our feast.

I think that unlike most of “our” holidays Thanksgiving has become less important. If you watch TV at all the commercials are all about getting out there and shopping. Heck most stores are not even going to be closed this year on Thanksgiving and are doing sales, tomorrow as well. My daughter has to work until 2am tomorrow and the store reopens at 3am for Black Friday! Can we say INSANE!!!!!!

What happened to giving thanks? Being appreciative? Thanking God for what we have been given and asking to be forgive for things we might have done.

Being thankful is not in fashion anymore I guess. Thanksgiving has been reduced to greed and materialism.

Just my humble opinion!

Outcome of Afore Mentioned Tyler Trip

Salaam All,

I had a great time in Tyler the ladies there are marvelous, and Barney as well. It was a pleasure to put faces to names on emails. Hassan stayed with me most of the day and actually had a good time too.

He did venture out for a bit and came back.

Well here are the snaps I promised.

Mitchie’s French Angora Bunny. Surprisingly HUGE! And ever so soft. I learned a bit about them, and how they are “harvested” Very interesting animal.

Barney and His Tri-Loom
And yes this IS going to be my next big purchase. His looms are the cheapest I have seen that are well made to boot! $185 for a 7′-5′ loom.

Barney’s Other Goodies, I bought a Mug Rug Loom with a Llama cut out for $15

Dori’s wonderful Mohair and Mohair Items for Sale

Dori is a very nice lady who runs Bella Bodom Ranch with her husband. Her Mohair is MARVELOUS! Spins beautifullly!

There were other ladies there as well!

Many Thanks to Midge PearlyQueen for hosting the event!

Here is Me relaxing and visiting with the ladies Hassan took the pic from an upstairs window

More of the ladies enjoying themselves spinning and chatting.

After the Fiber Art Sale we went and drove around down town Tyler it is a quaint little town. Made our way to the Mosque. It was a very nice trip I had a really good time with my husband.

Tyler Trip With Hubby Tomorrow

Ok, I am heading off on an adventure with my husband tomorrow. I have done this kind of road trip with him before, we go where I want to go but he has something “there” that he needs to do as well, so he drops me spends a few minutes being polite and pretending to be interested and then goes off and leaves me on my own, which I rather fancy. But then we meet up again eventually.

I am looking forward to it. I have never been to Tyler that I can recall. I would love to go for the Azalea or Rose festivals that they have, but tomorrows Fiber Arts Sale will be just fine, a nice intro to Tyler.

I have also heard that the fall foliage is great this time of year in that neck of the woods so we will see. I have the camera batteries charging as I sit here typing away, looking forward to getting some good snaps. (apparently a British term)

Will post my findings and snaps when I return or some time next week.

Wedding Planning

Ok I now totally understand the saying “The Devil is in the details” This stuff is hard work. Thank goodness for really good friends who can help out.

My one quandary about the whole process is WHY when you send a self addressed stamped envelope, that people can’t take the RSVP card, write their name on it number of people attending and put it in the said SASE and put it in the mail. Or when you send everyone one card and envelope they get together and put 10 in one envelope and mail it back? Can we say CHEAP? I understand when people are waiting to see if kids are going to be done with finals, if they can find a babysitter, and they are mailing it in a little late, I even understand the people who forgot, but those who just refuse to mail it and say “I told you I was coming” Come on are you really that lazy?

On the upside, I know my daughter is going to look beautiful! The decorations are coming along! The favors are set! I am all set!!!! Yippee!!!!!

Need to do a follow up on the cake and guest book.