Muslim Woman Approaches the School

I don’t know if you know or not, but I work as a substitute teacher for the local school district. It is always a joy to pull up in front of a new school walk up to the door ring the bell to be let in. The looks I get are amazing. You can physically see the discomfort in people’s faces. At two schools I was at recently, after getting inside signing in and heading of to my days post. It realized it was not a look of discomfort, but a look of “Ahhhhh, Sh** another one” Because they had Muslim employees on staff. Today I had the privlidge of working with “Muslim Nurse Mary Rose” (name changed to protect her identity) at a previous school I had the chance to work with “Teacher Samira” (name also changed)

I love the comments I get when working in these situations.
Staff: “Ahhhh you follow the same religion as Nurse Mary Rose/Teacher Samira” So where are YOU from?
Me: Oklahoma
Staff: No originally Nurse Mary Rose/Teacher Samira are from (insert middle east country of your choice here)
Me: Born in Kansas. Raised in Oklahoma.
Staff: Ah so where are parents from?
Me: Oklahoma
Staff: Orginally?
Me: Yep
Staff: So why do you dress like that?
Me: Because I follow the same religion as Nurse Mary Rose/Teacher Samira
Staff: But if you are American you should be Christian
Me: Well I chose to be Muslim
Staff: Why?
Me: Because it fits.

etc etc etc

Having a book discussion.

Me: Oh what book are you reading it looks interesting.
Staff: Oh you would be interested it is about Christianity.

Sitting at ‘my’ desk
Staff: Oh excuse me I need to get MY BIBLE
Sitting at “my” desk
Staff: Oh here is a copy of today’s bible verse. I made a copy for “Everybody”

The looks are priceless too when you walk in and say, “Good Morning” They want to know of course if they can help me. That’s when I ask for the sub sign in. The very quick looks that shoot around the room.

Today I was most fortunate in my sub position, I actually knew the Vice Principal. I worked with him last year at another school in the district where he was a teacher. He is a very very nice man, and I am going back next week for another job. You have your good ones and you have your bad ones.

Like Wednesday of this week. 1st I got lost trying to find the school because map quest sent me the wrong way! I called the school, it’s raining, pouring really. I am lost in “Little Mexico” Looking for a school, and no one knows where it is. Get the number from my daughter because like an idiot I forgot to write it down on my directions. Call the school “Good Morning **** Middle School. How may I help you?”
Me: Well I seem to be lost. (I give my location)
Secretary: Well which way are you headed on Lavon.
Me: North
Secretary: (honest to God I am not kidding) Well I don’t know my directions. (Then why did you ask)
Me: Ummmmm Okay
Secretary: Do you see a Burger King?
Me: Yes
Secretary: Go past the Burger King.
Me: Which Way?
Secretary: Which way are you going?
Me: Ummmm (what do you say to this? she doesn’t know her directions)
Secretary: Well
Me: Toward Buckingham
Secretary: Ok Turn on Castle
Me: See this is where the problem is. There isn’t a street sign that says Castle.
Secretary: Well it’s there.
Me: What is at that intersection. Can you give me a landmark.
Secretary: I don’t know
Me: Do you really need a Sub?
Secretary: I am trying to help you M’am
Me: Then where do I turn
Secretary: Ok I am going to send you in a big circle

Proceeds to speed speak a set of directions to which I interpret go up Lavon and turn on Castle.
Low and Behold there is a signal light on Lavon for Castle just not one on Broadway and no street sign, I double checked when I left for the day. It had been run over. Hmmmm “Little Mexico”

So I get there walk in, and Oh if looks could kill. But that is not all! Here’s the best part of the day at **** Middle School my phone got stolen. Yes my cell phone my life line. Stolen off my desk! Happy Hump Day to me.

I did get it back. It was discovered ditched in a hall way.

Thank You ***** Middle School. Had an awesome day! 😛

These are the things that happen when the Muslim woman approaches the school.


9 thoughts on “Muslim Woman Approaches the School

  1. melanie says:

    If you’re American you should be Christian? oy.

  2. thea says:

    haven’t been reading blogs in a bit, but had time today – Too funny. People just don’t get it, do they?

  3. Hanane says:


    I consider this my notice to all Americans. FYI you should be Christian.
    To heck with all the other religions represented in the US.


    No people don’t get it.

  4. BarbE says:

    oh Hanane…I took a look at your blog…..I am going to look up that knitting technique. The reason for writing. My dearest friend in the work is married to man from Turkey…so interesting. I also correspond with a gal in Trukey ( no connection) that started with a book inquiry. Suzan is such a lovely lady, we have been friends for about 5 years. I am much interested in oya. Originally the needle but of late tha tatted and crocheted.
    Do get back to me, please. BarbE

  5. Wendy says:

    I just found your blog. I do embroidery and Crazy Quilting. I was very interested in reading this post. I will have to say that it is everyone. I don’t know many people that don’t get criticized or looked down on for some reason or another. I think it is almost an unspoken rule that kids grow up learning that if they pick on people who are different that must make them better.
    However, I do not send my kids to the public school because I don’t know who is teaching or what freedoms they think they can use in the classroom about their own personal beliefs and ideas (whatever they may be). I think it is good to understand that people might be afraid because of the drama hyped up by the media. I mean I know that there are a few extremists in every religion that do bad things but in America today we are mostly afraid of people who are muslin. So if it were me, I might just take any comment and say, “Don’t worry, I won’t be teaching any Muslim doctrine today.” LOL Maybe that is a bit harsh but it would be funny to see their expressions.
    Thanks for letting me share,

  6. Linda says:

    Staff: But if you are American you should be Christian

    Oh my. Anything else I can think of is too expletive-laden.

  7. Linda says:

    I get so tired of the excuse for bad behavior being that people are afraid of me for being muslim because of the media. If people would just leave there little comfort zones and venture out in the world and meet people… Well let me put it like this, I think if people took the time to say hello and know Linda (me) then they might know I am a nice person, not a scarey muslim women with a veil. I moved up to the south side of chicago from pensacola florida and now I actually get more flack from being a white woman than being muslim lol.
    I’m just so tired of all this hate and wish for some friends for a change. Thanks for the laugh, its always funny to read similar stories to my own. One word says it all SABUR… we have to have patience with each other and try to love and teach our neighbors. Salaam Sister Linda

  8. natasha says:

    Hey nice blog

    i have had conversations with ppl who think all americans are white and anyone who isn’t must be from somewhere else! to the extent that they will ask when did you arrive in america, even if you have to go back 6 generations etc!
    i think thats pretty sad, they don’t even know there are any native americans.
    not a clue.
    as for saying you learn everything from the media, well that says more about the person quoting the media than the media as a propaganda machine. i mean really! do they believe everything the media says about everything?

    do they know how to read, is there something wrong with thinking and reading for our selves and using our brains? i think theres something wrong with a system that just puts out brainless drones as opposed to someone who could think and use their brain.

    ok guess i am ranting. sorry!

    still liked reading your comments pretty funny. hope you all have a nice day

  9. Knittiana says:

    I really had to giggle loudly while reading this post. It describes so well the ignorance of people.
    On a more serious note I am sad that you have to deal with such situations in the first place. It saddens me to see how the media is putting a spin on everything, and how people plainly believe what makes them feel warm and fuzzy (or justified and special).

    Oh, and the comment that “as an American you should be Christian” makes me cringe and gives me the urge to wildly yell at people to wake them up.

    So much for thought, even Baptists get a lot of stupid assumptions thrown at them, especially when they are born and raised German. People will always find a reason.

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