One Project Down! Two More to Go!

Ok, I finished the simple knit cowl.

Basic Recipe Simple Knit Cowl
16″ Size 11 needles
Cast on 82 Stitches (Gauge here not important)
Knit every row until you have enough left to bind off.
Bind off loosely! Tada you are done!!!!

I used Ballet Yarn from Artful Yarns it is a discontinued yarn. Fibers are: Nylon, Acrylic, Cotton
I wanted to knit something that let the yarn speak for itself and I think I accomplished that with this little cowl.
I used 71 yards (65 meters)

What have you accomplished in your selfish month of knitting? We want to hear about it!!!!

I have submitted my Bandana Bonnet Tutorial to Thrifty Fun

We will see if it gets published. I hope so! It is quick and easy, a good beginner project. If it gets published I will earn a little money. Not much, it is $15 per publication. They are relatively new site. They only have I think 2 knitting patterns on there and few crochet patterns. So stop in yourselves and see if you too can get published. They will pay you via paypal or you can opt to have it sent your home. Think of it this way, you get $15 extra dollars to spend at Etsy, Ebay, or Knit Picks. 😉 stop by. There are quite a few good tips and some interesting crafts.

Until Next Post Hanane
Bandana Bonnet