Well, well.

Dear Hanane,

Well, this is a long overdue post! Sorry for not posting sooner. The carpal tunnel does me in sometimes! Too much time typing and not enough time creating and knitting. Sigh. The knitting, it has been sadly neglected. My own knitting blog has not been updated in almost a month! I wonder if people think I have abandoned knitting for other creative pursuits?? Actually I have been cooking and baking up a storm these days, but we can talk about that later. If I can just figure out how to budget the computer time, and remember to do my carpal tunnel stretches…….

I had a completely different topic for today, but I read your post Hanane. Very well put. And I could not agree more. If everyone took a look at a group of people that they dislike (hate is such a strong word) and think WHY do they dislike them?? Because someone told you to?? Because the media portrays it as such??? Because you were hurt by one person of a specific race, religion or sexual orientation and therefore ALL people are like that??? If we all search for something in common, we would find out we are not all that different. Sounds like looking at the world through rose colored glasses doesn’t it?? Well, let’s put them on for ONE DAY, and reach out, find the common ground and share. I wished we lived closer, because this would make for one hell of a knitting group, don’t you think??

For the record, I just cannot join Ravelry. Nothing against the fine folks over there, and I do know I am missing all the fun, but I can’t. I can barely keep up with all my blogs (and if you read this you know I post one for every four of Hanane’s!! I’m bad, I know) so you’ll just have to be my eyes and ears over there!!!

And for all of you who visit this blog, thank you!! It’s all about peace here, and I’m a peace junkie too, Hanane! I’m working on some cool buttons so Y’ALL can post ’em on your blog and get others to spread the peace! We knitters are a magical group! Maybe one of us should run for president!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Love ya like a sister,


Hi Hanane!

I hope you are having a peaceful Ramadan. So how is the fasting going now that everyone in your house can fast? Isn’t it nice not to have to make food while you are fasting? Talk about torture! Saturday is my fasting day as it is Yom Kippur. It’s not that bad, until someone at temple starts talking about the roast they have in the oven on a timer. Bah!!

Not much of anything is happening here. I bought myself a pattern over the weekend! I couldn’t resist! Check this out!


Ironically for both of our religions, pork is a big no-no, but isn’t it the cutest! I still think pigs are cute! I even bought the yarn. Yes, MORE yarn, but hopefully I will actually sit down and make the pig! And yes, she will be pink!!!! I need to find some cute little fabric now. Maybe something with pigs on it???

And are you up for another reading challenge?? I found one that YOU pick FOUR books with a THEME of YOUR choosing. Sounds do-able to me! I thought my theme will be art. Since I bought “Luncheon of the Boating Party” by Susan Vreeland and I have NOT read it yet. Interested???

That’s about all for now, I have to dash to put supper in the oven! Talk to you soon my friend!


Happy New Year!

Hi Again Hanane!

Congratulations on your work being publish!! I love your sewing projects! You are so talented. You just might inspire me to get a sewing machine! I don’t think I have used a sewing machine since 8th grade (no cracks on how that was so long ago…yah, dinosaurs roamed the earth then!!) I was not an ace with the machine. I remember making a pillow and that was slightly lopsided. Imagine my seamstress and quilter extraordinare of a mother’s disappointment on that one!!

Well L’Shana Tovah to our Jewish Readers. Another Rosh Hasanah is upon us!! I really love this time of year. The new year brings such joy and the promise of a fresh start! And I’m really taking this fresh start thing seriously too!! My new website is almost done, I have a new studio space which I love and I am really organizing all my stuff. I bought only the things I LOVED from the new house, and gave away or left behind the things I didn’t. Here’s to a Happy New Year to everyone, Muslim, Jew, Christan, Buddhist…… it doesn’t matter, celebrate!

Oh yah, I deleted my post about the neighbors. It was really not blog appropriate, since it is neither about religion or knitting. Speaking of that, are you knitting anything good?? How is the “Mystery” shawl coming along?? I actually made myself a pair of “Fetching” gloves for me. Amazingly enough, I make them and they seem to “disappear”. All my friends have them now but me!! So, this pair I am keeping. I’ll get a picture soon.

I have to run, I have a pack of hungry dogs here. I better feed them before they start eating the furniture!!!




Dear Hanane,

I am so sorry to “appear” to be neglecting you and our blog.ย  Honestly, I’m not for I think of you often, and write these posts in my head, only to get sidetracked by some housing dilemma. Fair warning, I will be back with a VENGENCE in the Fall, when I will undoubtly have more time!!

Let me get y’all up to speed on what is happening here. I SOLD the house. Well, not exactly sold, the purchase and sale has been signed. So it is not final but it appears that way!! And in this market with the mortgages taking a nosedive, I feel very blessed. YAY!!! I am breathing a sigh of relief since now I can move into my new place without three mortgages looming over my head! I am free to buy yarn again!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ After all, I do have my priorities!! Ha ha!! I have 14 days (read it as two more loud weekends) with the neighbors. I’ll talk more about the after we move….just in case they stumble upon the blog!!

Am I knitting, YES!! I need to to save my sanity!! I am loving your sewing projects and you just might inspire me to get a sewing machine!!! Oh and I am writing a wee pattern for a knitted camera cozy, and I will post it here….and the cactus as soon as I add the photos to the pattern! So much to do, so little time!

So you wanted to know about my 40th birthday gift???ย  You can read about it here!! I got a day at Cornelia Day Spa in NYC. An entire day of pampering. It was HEAVEN!!! I am buffed and polished smooth as silk now. Ahhhhhh……… In my opinion one of the best presents I ever got! Oh, and while I was in the city, I naturally had to visit a yarn shop!! I was all set to go to Purl in Soho but it was so HOT and HUMID and the thought of standing waiting for the subway in that heat made me want to hide someplace with air conditioning! EVERY time I go want to go there, it is shut, or too hot or too snowy. Someday!!! BUT, I did go to School Products!! What a haul!!! I got pashmina and cashmere (CHEAP!!!) Not pictured is about 1,500 yards of YAK which I have always wanted to try! The sweater she had next to the yarn was so unbelievably SOFT!! I think I am going to make myself something nice. Oh yah, the shopping trip was partically funded by my mother’s birthday gift….cash!


So there you have it, my life in a nutshell! I hope you are doing well. Read any good books lately???

Dear Hanane

Dear Hanane,

Well, I am finally moving!!!! (Deep Breath Here) My neighbors have finally driven me crazy. I know I have been “talking” about moving for some time now, but over Memorial Day, I decided to take the plunge. Never in my life, have a seen such a conglomeration of jerks in one small area! Interestingly enough,ย  I called the Realtor on Tuesday and I bid and accepted a house on THAT day!! That’s “divine timing” for ya! It’s in the same town but a completely different area. I know, that sounds weird. These New England towns are quirky at best. Maybe I should write a book about it! I LOVE the new house because I am TOTALLY surrounded by woods. Yes, I cannot see a neighbor!!!! (BIG SMILE) There will be some wonderful places to sit outside and knit and I will have a BRAND NEW studio!!!

Now let’s discuss the “most important” factor here. Yarn storage!! Oh the closet space I will have for yarn!! I will definitely get pictures once we get settled and I unpack my stash!!!!ย  I finally will have a dedicated yarn closet!!!

So posting this summer will be less frequent than i’d like. But keep emailing me.ย  I will need a dose of sanity in this crazy process!!!!

I’m Back

Dear Hanane,

Phew, I survived another trip. This time to DC. Since it was work related for Mark, and I had to attend some functions with him (read actually get dressed UP in shoes other than my clogs!!), so there was precious little time for anything! I never even made it to Stitches DC, which was on my list, but I never got around to actually getting my butt on the train to go! Oh well, there is always next time.

Oh, before I forget, I have plunged (somewhat foolhardily) into hosting my first KAL!!!! I fell in love immediately with the Argosy pattern from Vyvyan Neelย  !! From about row 30, I began having delusions of grandeur and decided to make these for everyone I knew. (No seriously, there is a list!) I fished out all the DK weight yarn from the ever growing stash (see I really didn’t need to visit the yarn shop now, did I???) But what?? NO KAL, well I fixed that!!! Here’s the link if you feel like joining (nudge, nudge). Scarves make great summer projects!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, enough procrastinating. The laundry, a stack of emails and regular mail await my attention, so I must sign off. What is new in your world???

Dear Hanane,

Well, our dear little blog is shaping up nicely! Great idea on the Book List Page. I have already added mine, though in true fashion for me, they are subject to change at any minute. Oh, public service announcement here. Stephanie Pearl Mc Phee’s yarn books are 3 for 2 at Borders. I have no idea how long this will last, but even the NEW one is there!!!! Like either of us need any more books, but still 3 for 2.

It’s a scorcher up here in New England and I am not enjoying this. Remember to Bostonians, 3 days of 90 + weather and we call it a heat wave!!! Do not call us wimps, remember we get the SNOW too!! ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I’ve been pretty much sacked out working on the Argosy scarf. Have I told you how much I LOVE this??? No really I LOVE IT!!! I might just Argosy myself into a rut because I am planning on making them for the “holidays” this year!!!

And wow, thanks for being so nice and answering the Jewish questions. Have you thought about making religion your minor. Yah, I know, I did and where did it get me??? I’d be great on a quiz show, that’s about it. If you ever get stumped in Judaica, give me a buzz!!! And see, if we know about each other religions and customs, how can there be hate???? Sigh……

Have a blast in OK!!!! Buy some gorgeous fiber!!!! I’ll be here when you get back! Let’s keep on posting!!!