Direction of Blog for Time Being

Here is what I have so far!




Wednesday: Feature something cool I found on Pinterest


Friday: I am thinking Foodie Friday. A recipe, something I want to try that I saw on Pinterest or foodgawker

Saturday: Farm updates on the 2nd 3rd and 4th Satudays. Other wise a review of the fiber fest i went too. Or Craft Day break down

I do have the Blogging Without Obligation badge on this blog. So we are not really obligated to fill those other days. So if we stick to three days. Then maybe we can make it happen instead of trying to kill ourselves to do all 7 days of the week. HMMMMMM a mental break through!

Blogging without Obligation and I don’t have to blog all 7 days out of the week. Novel idea NO?

Hosting a Roc Day Event!

I am hosting my first Rod Day Event! I hope it turns out well. It will be fun none the less. It happens to fall on our first Saturday Craft Day. It is a time to get together with all your friends and have a good time.

Here is a little History about Rod Day!

Distaff Day, also called Roc Day, is 7 January, the day after the feast of the Epiphany. It is also known as Saint Distaff’s Day, since it was not really a holiday at all. In many European cultural traditions, women resumed their household work after the twelve days of Christmas. The distaff, or rock, used in spinning was the medieval symbol of women’s work. Often the men and women would play pranks on each other during this day, as was written by Robert Herrick in his poem “Saint Distaffs day, or the Morrow After Twelfth Day” which appears in his Hesperides.
Some modern craft groups have taken up the celebration of Distaff day as part of their new year celebrations.

Christmas Eve Spin/Knit In

Yes today I went to a very small spin/knit in out at Jacobs. It was great! Had a wonderful time! Hassan got up early and made couscous for me to take. Everyone really enjoyed it! I have to say that I enjoy going out to the farm no matter what size the group is. Cindy is a marvelous hostess and I absolutely love the new goat!

What’s cookin’ at the homestead, Well I am working on a second houndstooth scarf

and a tatted bag. I really want to warp the loom again for some spa cloths. I am also thinking about another scarf with some other yarn I found in my stash, and I want to start on the triloom vest.

Who knows really what I will do with my second week of winter break!

Keep ya posted.


Well I have been weaving a bit! I wove a scarf over the weekend! It turned out a little short but it will work for me.

I have my first houndstooth scarf almost completely threaded.

I am really enjoying this borrowed loom.

Will post pics as it comes together. I have the yarn picked out for the next project as well!!!

I need to set up the triloom as well because I really wanna make a vest!

So many projects so little time!!!!!

The Animals At Jacob’s Reward Farm


Today I went out to the farm with my friend Denise and had an enjoyable tour of the farm, while Cindy did the feeding of all the critters.


All the ladies that come out to the barn are so much fun to hang out with. I really enjoy my time out there! Being with people who think like you do is awesome! Being with people who encourage aka enable you in your crafts, PRICELESS!!

There are a couple of the super cute alpaca out on the farm! They were being hams today for the camera. They are use to it I am sure because Cindy lives with a camera in her hand, and I thought Hassan was bad.

We will be having a Christmas Eve Spin in and I am so looking forward to it. While many people will be running around getting last minute Christmas gifts and dealing with the people in Sales who only want to be home with their families not waiting on you 30sec before the store closes. I will be comfortably ensconced at the LRB, among friends and family, both 2 legged and 4 legged varieties.