Did ya miss me???

Well Hanane, thank you for holding down the blog fort so to speak, during my absence! Hugs to you!! Oh so much to talk about, questions to answer, knitting to brag on…..sigh. Thanks to all the kind people who left comments too, both of us really appreciate your kindness and support! So let’s get right to it.

Moving! Yay!! Surprisingly, things are going pretty well. I wish I had more time for simple things like blogging but I will be back with a vengeance in late August!! So until then, I will be lurking about and try to post when I can. A sneak peek at my new backyard! I tell you, I am not kidding why I say I cannot wait to leave this neighborhood!!! 

My New Backyard

So knitting content…because we are about knitting right??? I have been making small projects. Right now I have three scarves on the needles and I am most pleased with my chevron scarf from “Last Minute Knitted Gifts”. I used STR byBlue Moon Fiber Arts, and while I have always been a small needle knitter (anything over size 10 makes me shake) I honestly want to poke my eyes out from the sheer repetition of the pattern, but who can argue with the results. Sure it’s finished NOW and being blocked as we speak, but here is a picture of it!

Chevron Scarf


So next up…the questions…… No I have never worked for a Jewish Organization. I would think that it would be just as difficult as Hassan working for the Muslim Organization though. Purely my opinion but I think when members of the same faith get together, there is bound to be some clashes, even if we are all supposed to believe in the same way! I will mention this question to my mother who worked in a parochial school for YEARS!!! I do vaguely recall problems but I am not sure if they were religious or just “estrogen fueled”. You know how it goes when there are too many women in the workplace…meow!! Ha ha!!! But I  don’t know if either of us have mentioned, we are BOTH converts to our respective religions from the Catholic faith! Hanane, maybe we should touch on this a little bit?? Might make for an interesting topic, Don’t you think??

On the movie front, I did see “Evan Almighty”. It was cute and not as bad as the critics claimed. While it was no “Casablanca” or “Gone With The Wind”, it was a wonderful two hour diversion. And as far as “Apocolypto”….. I have no desire whatsoever to see it. I don’t mind subtitles at all (I loved Pan’s Labyrinth) or some gore, but I can not get past Mel Gibson for his anti semitic comments.  Drunk or not, that was uncalled for and I cannot and will not support that. And I really loved him in “Braveheart”   (being the Anglophile that I am) and I cannot even watch that any more….sigh…..

Phew, this is a long post but I guess I needed to post a “good one” to make up for all the one sided posting these days!! And Hanane, I am so PROUD of you for all your schoolwork, and joining Weight Watchers!!! Way to Go Girl!!!

So I guess I will sign off for now. I PROMISE I will get back to posting soon…….and now, back to packing!!!!

Dear Hanane

Dear Hanane,

Well, I am finally moving!!!! (Deep Breath Here) My neighbors have finally driven me crazy. I know I have been “talking” about moving for some time now, but over Memorial Day, I decided to take the plunge. Never in my life, have a seen such a conglomeration of jerks in one small area! Interestingly enough,  I called the Realtor on Tuesday and I bid and accepted a house on THAT day!! That’s “divine timing” for ya! It’s in the same town but a completely different area. I know, that sounds weird. These New England towns are quirky at best. Maybe I should write a book about it! I LOVE the new house because I am TOTALLY surrounded by woods. Yes, I cannot see a neighbor!!!! (BIG SMILE) There will be some wonderful places to sit outside and knit and I will have a BRAND NEW studio!!!

Now let’s discuss the “most important” factor here. Yarn storage!! Oh the closet space I will have for yarn!! I will definitely get pictures once we get settled and I unpack my stash!!!!  I finally will have a dedicated yarn closet!!!

So posting this summer will be less frequent than i’d like. But keep emailing me.  I will need a dose of sanity in this crazy process!!!!

I’m Back

Dear Hanane,

Phew, I survived another trip. This time to DC. Since it was work related for Mark, and I had to attend some functions with him (read actually get dressed UP in shoes other than my clogs!!), so there was precious little time for anything! I never even made it to Stitches DC, which was on my list, but I never got around to actually getting my butt on the train to go! Oh well, there is always next time.

Oh, before I forget, I have plunged (somewhat foolhardily) into hosting my first KAL!!!! I fell in love immediately with the Argosy pattern from Vyvyan Neel  !! From about row 30, I began having delusions of grandeur and decided to make these for everyone I knew. (No seriously, there is a list!) I fished out all the DK weight yarn from the ever growing stash (see I really didn’t need to visit the yarn shop now, did I???) But what?? NO KAL, well I fixed that!!! Here’s the link if you feel like joining (nudge, nudge). Scarves make great summer projects!!!! 🙂

Ok, enough procrastinating. The laundry, a stack of emails and regular mail await my attention, so I must sign off. What is new in your world???

Dear Hanane,

Well, our dear little blog is shaping up nicely! Great idea on the Book List Page. I have already added mine, though in true fashion for me, they are subject to change at any minute. Oh, public service announcement here. Stephanie Pearl Mc Phee’s yarn books are 3 for 2 at Borders. I have no idea how long this will last, but even the NEW one is there!!!! Like either of us need any more books, but still 3 for 2.

It’s a scorcher up here in New England and I am not enjoying this. Remember to Bostonians, 3 days of 90 + weather and we call it a heat wave!!! Do not call us wimps, remember we get the SNOW too!! 🙂  I’ve been pretty much sacked out working on the Argosy scarf. Have I told you how much I LOVE this??? No really I LOVE IT!!! I might just Argosy myself into a rut because I am planning on making them for the “holidays” this year!!!

And wow, thanks for being so nice and answering the Jewish questions. Have you thought about making religion your minor. Yah, I know, I did and where did it get me??? I’d be great on a quiz show, that’s about it. If you ever get stumped in Judaica, give me a buzz!!! And see, if we know about each other religions and customs, how can there be hate???? Sigh……

Have a blast in OK!!!! Buy some gorgeous fiber!!!! I’ll be here when you get back! Let’s keep on posting!!!


Dear Katie,

I have moved all the patterns over, I am sure you noticed, added a Books we want to read page. I didn’t take the patterns down completely just cut them and added the link to the downloadables on our new and improved site.

Well enough blog news. Did I tell you that I have become the resident religion expert @ LCHS? Every time the kids have a question about religion in World History or Geography they send them to me. Go ask “Ms Tina” she knows. The latest question was, “Excuse me Miss, what is the Kaddish?” A. Buddist morning prayer B.Muslim funeral prayer C. Jewish prayer for the dead D. A Catholic Right

DUH….C. I love being smart….lol. One of the helping teachers was working on an Islam worksheet and was having trouble and then looked up saw me and sent the kid to me. Resident expert. I totally get a kick out of it, but why in the world they are sending them to me with the Jewish worksheets is beyond me, but at least I know most of the answers.

Finals are offically over tonight @ 10pm. I will be finished until the Summer courses start.

I am so excited, for a little bit of a break. Perhaps next week I can go meet my knitting friends on Wednesday evening.

I am going to the fiber rendevous in Oklahoma this weekend, I think it will be fun. I will post pics.


Dear Hanane,

I just posted over at our old blogger address with this NEW and IMPROVED (hopefully, fingers crossed) site as a link. I thought we’d leave it up a bit until I finish transferring all your wonderful patterns over here!!!! Hopefully everyone can join us here for a lively discussion about ALL THINGS not just knitting!!! So, let the merriment begin!!!

Welcome to our new home!!!

Welcome to Hanane and Katie’s new home on WordPress. We had way to much trouble with Blogger (sorry guys for saying that out loud) but as you know if you have follwed us, our blog was deleted several times and lots of little technical issues kept happening. So, here we are. I’m slowly making the blog “ours” and hopefully it will run smoothly from here on out. Check back later in the week for more updates!! I can only do this in small doses or my head will explode!!!!