Mitten KAL Our First KAL (Thursdays KAL Update Day)

Ok, Since I am really and truly trying to revamp this blog, I thought we would start a KAL. What is a KAL? KAL stands for Knit ALong! So Thursdays will be KAL Day. I will post my progress in the KAL and you guys can post your progress in the comments. I will set up a Flickr group as well where you can share links to your photos for others who are following our KAL can see.

Now the big Question What will be our first KAL? Which we will start next Thursday. It think it should be something simple. I know most of you, like me are busy with other things in your life so you don’t have a lot of time to knit a BIG project.

I think that in honor of Katie who never has a pair of mittens for herself, because she ALWAYS gives them away LOL. We should do a classic basic pair of mittens.

Let’s let the Yarn do the talking, Pick a colorful self striping yarn.

Here are Three to pick from. My fav is the 3rd one! You pick the pattern you want to cast on, pick your yarn and the Official Cast On Date is Thursday, January, 12th 2011

Girls and Ladies Mittens

Classic Mittens
Classic Mittens

Maplewood Mittens
Maplewood Mittens

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