The Animals At Jacob’s Reward Farm


Today I went out to the farm with my friend Denise and had an enjoyable tour of the farm, while Cindy did the feeding of all the critters.


All the ladies that come out to the barn are so much fun to hang out with. I really enjoy my time out there! Being with people who think like you do is awesome! Being with people who encourage aka enable you in your crafts, PRICELESS!!

There are a couple of the super cute alpaca out on the farm! They were being hams today for the camera. They are use to it I am sure because Cindy lives with a camera in her hand, and I thought Hassan was bad.

We will be having a Christmas Eve Spin in and I am so looking forward to it. While many people will be running around getting last minute Christmas gifts and dealing with the people in Sales who only want to be home with their families not waiting on you 30sec before the store closes. I will be comfortably ensconced at the LRB, among friends and family, both 2 legged and 4 legged varieties.

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