To Blog or Not to Blog

Dear Readers,

If we still have any! I am thinking about getting back to blogging again. I do have interesting things to write about. I mean I work with Autistic kids, I go to the local fiber farms on weekends, I have been going to and teaching at Fiber Events.

Hassan and I went to Boerne for the Kid N Ewe and Llama’s Too! I taught tatting.

I am going out to the Little Red Barn today as a matter of fact.
Cindy and the Little Red Barn have become my safe zone, The quiet place I can go Saturday to recharge my batteries, to get ready to deal with the work and school week ahead.

I have gone back to school, I have entered the University of Texas (:P) at Dallas (bonus it’s in Dallas and not Austin) In the Speech Language Pathology Program, and I am working on getting fast tracked so that when I graduate I will have my Bachelors and my Masters. (fingers crossed)

This morning, I have been up, I have Julie and Julia playing in the background to keep me company, while I wait for time to go to LRB and I started warping my loom. I am waiting for my warp helper to wake up so that I can finish warping and start a wool and baby loop mohair scarf.

Last weekend I went to Apple Leef Farm for the first time in a year! We had a blast! I went with my friends, Annie, Seth and Denise. Fun was had by all. We got to see Leef’s accidental V-JJ aka River chair. But she can longer see it as a River only a V-JJ. (pics to come next month and you be the judge, I totally forgot to take my camera with me)

A reader Laurie Balbo who likes our theme, has stopped by, and she is a freelance writer for The Green Prophet and our little blog was mentioned in one of her articles.

Laurie also writes her own little blog about fiber arts as well.

She is the inspiration for this post today. As she left a comment, with the wish that we would resume our blog soon.

So here we are!


One thought on “To Blog or Not to Blog

  1. melanie says:

    Welcome back!

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