OU v Texas aka “The Red River War”

A battle that is fought yearly on neutral territory! By two rival teams one from Oklahoma the other from Texas. The Pride of Oklahoma Football the Sooners and the Longhorns of Texas, square off in this epic battle yearly! During the State Fair of Texas.

Hanane, here I am having lived in Dallas for the past 14years a Okie transplant who still flys her crimson and white proudly. I was born and bred a Sooner Fan could no more stop cheering for OU than I could voluntarily stop breathing.

Katie, a native Bostonian, southern gal at heart, who for some reason only known to God, is a die hard Longhorn fan, but I still love her.

So who will prevail this year on the field of glory. OU or Texas? Why as a true Sooner, I must say OKLAHOMA ALL THE WAY!!!!! BOOMER!!!!! (the Echoing response from thousands of transplant OU fans is of course) SOONER!!!!!

Oklahoma Sooners MySpace Graphics Oklahoma Sooners MySpace Images Oklahoma Sooners MySpace Images


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