Navajo Plying

Ok….this weekend has not been a total bust. I did teach myself, using a YouTube Video, how to navajo ply.

It makes a well balanced yarn if you keep a good rhythm.

This is the video I found the most useful.
There are other videos out there if you don’t find it helpful.

One thought on “Navajo Plying

  1. Janey says:

    Sorry – not a comment on your plying.
    And I’m sorry for not being able to find a place to comment to you directly.

    It’s a question from your former blog (before you moved to wordpress).
    You have a pattern listed there “Sophie Bag” on Magknits.
    Please could you send me the pattern for that bag?

    As you know, Magknits is no more – along with its patterns.
    I thought it was going to last forever so made no effort to print off its patterns.

    Thank you, Janey

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