Hanane’s Ramblings

Ok when I was young I wore t-shirts, (for those of you who don’t know or didn’t realize I was NOT born Muslim) I use to tie up my t-shirt sleeves with shoe strings colored ones or white ones that I colored with markers. Today on Craft Gossip I saw an updated version of this.

The tutorial for this is at Trendy Treehouse which is a new blog I have added to my bloglines.

Craft Gossip is an amazing website/email daily including weekends and holidays! Great Craft ideas from sewing to clay to cooking to decorating! It’s like I said amazing! I keep it in a folder on my Gmail so I can find things again! So many ideas so little time!!! Plus it makes my bloglines grow on weekly basis. You find very creative people out there in blogger world.

Can we say HOT!!!! It is so stinking hot today! With no end insight until at least November! Summer in Texas last through the end of October! Seems so far away!

Kitten UpDate….. No Comment
Ok a small comment CUTE!!!!!

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