Kitten Update

He is adjusted well to life in the “E” Family! He knows who his mommies are. Me and Suky! He plays hard and when he is ready to sleep he finds one of us and cuddles up right next to if not on one of us.

We actually left him home last night when we went out and he slept the entire time we are sure. He didn’t touch his milk and was not crying when we came home. We were gone 4hrs and I expected to come home and hear a crying baby, but alas we found as we left him sleeping!
When we opened the door to the bathroom he hopped out of his basket drank some milk and then right into his litter box. Such a good kitty!

We put him in the hall bathroom with all his stuff, because the other cats are not taking to him very well yet and we did not want him to be abused while we were away.

One thought on “Kitten Update

  1. Marie says:

    Just as an FYI – once a kitten is weaned, milk is not good for cats/kittens. It generally gives them diarrhea. Fresh water is best!

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