Kitty Rescue @ Chase Bank

Hello Everyone! Thursday Night my husband and I went to make a deposit at Chase Bank. While he was standing at the ATM he kept hearing a kitten mew! So the search began, we found this little guy in the hedgerow next to to the street. The only thing between him and certain death was the sidewalk and the curb. There was no signs of mom or other sibs. We can’t even imagine how he came to be there, but we took him home with us and named him Chase. I was a muddy wet mess by the time the rescue mission was complete. Because I was down on the wet ground elbows in the mud!

Of course he had to have a bath to kill the fleas!

He was a little trooper he didn’t cry or claw at me, he took it really well!

One thought on “Kitty Rescue @ Chase Bank

  1. Jessica says:

    Awww! That week was rescue week for us as well… we found a puppy on the street on July 4th. He had a rough first week because he had worms & the worms were eating him alive (literally)… took him to vet & she fixed him right up & now he’s busy with the eating, growing & playing that’s required for a puppy. 🙂 on June 21st, we took in a kitten that a friend found & couldn’t keep because her 2 yr old was too rough… the other animals seem to be taking it well enough. The puppy & kitten play together!

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