Summer Knittin’ Havin’ A Blast

Ok that’s a lie! Not the havin’ a blast part, but the summer knitting part! I am in a slump!!!! I hate slumps. I still need to finish my Truely Tasha, that damn edging! But it is 100% wool, and perhaps if I lived in Boston where the weather wasn’t a million degrees I would knit with wool. I have been playing with this..I have my first one almost done. But not sure I really like it. We will see when it is finished. I thought to make a set for coasters but….again I am not sure I like it.

I have discovered I really like to knit with crochet cotton.

I am working on an apron for me. With Gingham Lace aka Chicken Scratch, that will also have some smocking at the top. I taught myself smocking on Friday using this tutorial.

If you are interested in Chicken ScratchGingham Lace you can see this tutorial

I have been embroidering and preparing for Anime Fest. I went to AKON 21 but didn’t sell much, and some of my stuff is going with a friend down to San Japan. I will post pics of the items I am making, because if I don’t Katie will kill me. She wants to see. I have the pics taken just been lazy about getting them posted.

One thought on “Summer Knittin’ Havin’ A Blast

  1. thea says:

    The pop top thing is awesome!!

    and by the way, it was 90 degrees in Boston yesterday — and i was knitting with aran wool. ugh….

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