More March for Me Update

Still plugging away on Tasha, the Danish Tie shawl got one more color repeat done. Found my silk it is on the swift to be wound into a ball, will probably cast on for Montego Bay scarf today. Thinking about casting on for the cowl as well It will be a simple knit in the round pattern on big needles.

I am determined to get them done. I think I figured out what shawl I want to knit in different weight and types of yarn. Need to go sort and get them bagged up to begin.

I did volunteer to work at the DFW Fiber Fest! EXCITEMENT!!!!!! I never go and take classes they are just too pricey. This way I get to go, people watch, see the vendors and maybe spend a little money but as for classes, I would rather save the money and go to an event that has free or affordable classes. I know at these types of events I don’t get to go sit in a class with the likes Franklin or Cookie, but I get to meet local artist who are famous in their own right and are doing great things as well. So this way I may get to meet Franklin but not have to shell out the moo-la to sit in his class and I get to see friends and just enjoy the atmosphere for free and donate some of my time to the cause.

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