March For Me Part 2 Updates

Ok…I have been working on the lace edging on my Truly Tasha and it is coming along but I get bored with it. I dug out the Danish tie shawl this morning and have made some serious headway into the scrap ball I had attached to it. Need to find the other balls I had set aside for this shawl…HMMMMM wonder where I put those. I balled up the yarn, Artful Yarns Ballet for a simple let the yarn speak for itself cowl, and I think there will be a slight change in the line up. I was finally able to get the Montego Bay pattern, didn’t know it was now available as a Ravelry download, and I really want to use this silk yarn that I was given for my birthday a few years ago for it. The other change may be to cut the Shaolwater shawl as I have been thinking of this crap load of scraps and oddments I have in my garage and I am thinking some kind of organic shawl…just toss everything in a bag and go with whatever comes out of the bag scrap kinda shawl. Any suggestions on a pattern?


PS Stay Tuned, because April is going to be Spinning! I am going to try a few new techniques for me. Spinning with beads and core spinning. I will post my results here. I know I know PICTURES!!!!!

I really need to add pics.

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