My Cooking Adventures

Well I haven’t exactly kept up with my New Years Promises, but I blog without obligation so there fore it will by nature be sporadic.

I digress. Saturday night I made Moroccan 7 Veg Couscous with turkey legs as the meat. I confess that even though I am married to a Moroccan I have not made Couscous since we lived in Oklahoma and we moved here when my son was 2, he is now 15. That being said I did get high praise indeed from my children who are connoisseurs of couscous. If it is bad they will say so, if it is good they will say so, if it is delicious they want it again.

My sisters-in-law are the best couscous makers I know and the kids love their couscous. However the resident connoisseurs of couscous determined it “REAL Couscous”

I however need to work on the timing of the vegetable some of them got a little too mushy for my taste, but I will make couscous again and not wait another decade to do so.

Now on to another, much more simple recipe, one that has alluded me in the past and not turned out right each time before that I tried to make it. Eggs-in-a-basket. I know pretty simple, so simple a caveman could do it. LOL Well not I. Until I read the Pioneer Woman cookbook yesterday while hanging out at Barnes and Noble with the kids, then it made perfect since.

I made me one, my husband one and this morning my daughter one.

So those are my cooking adventures. I am going to try another of Ree’s recipes this week. Marlboro mans favorite sandwich sorry Matteo.

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