My Rag Rug!

Lately I have been into crochet. Well on Saturday I was looking for the elastic for my hubby and had to look in my craft closet and found all kinds of fabric scraps, NO they were not lost, just out of sight out of mind. A few summers ago a good friend and I decided to do a craft project a day and I had a lot of little bits or halves of fat quarters left over from those various projects. So I ripped them into strips joined them together and decided to make a braided rag rug. NO! sewing that thing together was a nightmare. God Bless the women who did it and do it. It is just not for me. So I un-braided about 10ft of braid and joined them together wound them into a big o’ball and crocheted me a rug. I needed a new one for my bathroom. I really like the idea of a rag rugs. I think I am going to make me a couple more. But first I gotta go thrift me some twin sized sheets. Watch out Thrift stores here I come. Make one or two for the kitchen a couple more for my bathroom for by the tub and next to the sink. The beauty of these little things is that you can toss them in the washer and they don’t get that mildewy smell like those rubber backed jobies.
Toss these puppies in the washer and dryer and put them back on the floors. What could be easier?

Pic to follow.

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