What’s New?

Not too much. Had to go back on medication for my diabetes, I have been dealing with it on my own for 3 years and doing a damn good job according to the doc, but the morning sugars had been being a little high and I got concerned so I decided to go in and have it checked out. She said the numbers were not bad over all but a little high for the morn so she put me back on Metformin. YaY! So along with Katie we have been revamping my diet yet again and things are back on track so hopefully I wont have to stay on this med for the rest of my life. And I have a lost a few pounds in the process so kudos.

On the cooking front. I have found a few recipes that I want to give a go. I will post them as soon as possible after I have given them the special Hanane touch.

I am going to be hosting the little all female religious group that I belong to and have the menu planned out.

zuchinni fritters
salmon cakes
toasted butternut squash and arugula salad with a warm cider vinaigrette(a la the Barefoot Contessa)

Sweetie pies ( a cute heart shaped pie pocket made with sugar free preserves)
Katies chocolate cake cupcakes with creamcheese frosting

Spiced tea

Healthy and delicious

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