No Knitting updates but on the Cooking Front

Tonight I made Spicy Chicken Curry. Slow Roasted Bellpepper with Red Lentils Rice for the family and Quinoa for me.

I have really been cooking a lot lately and have been enjoying it. I guess I got back into cooking mode when Sahara left and didn’t have her depend on anymore. I forgot how much I enjoy cooking and watching Julie and Julia helped too. No I am not going to be cooking my way through any cookbooks. Just sampling Katie’s Veg recipes she is sending me and she is trying some of mine too at least the veg version of them.

I am a lovin’ it.

Next weeks menu is Chicken Gumbo a la Hanane and stuffed bell peppers. No rice I am going to use barley I think. I’ll let you know how it turn out.



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