Getting Each Other!!!! WE DO!

I have considered going a different direction with this blog as the title doesn’t really go with what I am writing.

Knitting Our Way to Peace?

What does that mean to you? What would you my faithful readers like to see here? More of the same? Something about peace? Something about knitting for peace?

What was the intention of this blog, to bust the myth that Jewish women and Muslim women can be friends? Yes and we are!

We talk all the time via email! Chat! She helped me through a rough patch with a cousin and supported me when my aunts wanted to see wedding pictures and they were not invited to the wedding!!!! WHEW! What would I really do without the Jewish woman in my life. We get each other! We understand each other.

Recently we were talking about GUILT! You know the kind the good ol’Catholic kind! We talked about how we still have it in our respective chosen religions. (Remember we both grew up Catholic) But it is not the kind to beat yourself up with, not the kind that you beat others up with. It is an internal kind, a kind that is with us in everything we do, it is built into the daily vocabulary so to speak.

Muslims, remember God in everything! We say Humdullilah (thank God), and say Astaghfirullah (seeking forgivness) all the time. I am sure it is the same for Katie, she remembers God in all she does. Everyday! All Day!

I wish the people in my family would stop using this all punishing guilt! This tortuous guilt that they toss around like dirty socks.

I don’t want it! I don’t need it! I am who I am! I will never be any different! Because the person who they are beating me up over will never be any different! A leopard can’t change his spots! He made is bed now he must lie in it! Had he wanted a different relationship with his children he would have done things differently.

Katie understands this! Katie helped me not to be too much of a B**** to them when I had to respond!
They still don’t hear me! But Katie does! Good friends hear me! And that is what matters most in this life.

Sometimes family is not those whom you are related to by blood but those you pick! I consider her family!

I hope your back if feeling better love!!!


One thought on “Getting Each Other!!!! WE DO!

  1. melanie says:

    My view: people who listen without judgement, people who share without shame or fear, people who recognize the soul within each person no matter what the label are sisters and brothers.
    I’m a Jewish woman, and my friends are Muslim, Christian, agnostic, atheist, Pagan, Bahai. We hear each other and we learn.
    I am a lucky woman.
    You are, too.

    Namaste –

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