Hot Topics! Happy 2010! No Resolutions only Goals!

Gee go over the blog, I realized that I have been really remiss, it looks like we haven’t read or cooked or anything for more than a year. I neglected the Summer 2009 knitting and reading pages. Shame on me!

I do enjoy writing this blog but we get a bit weighed down with family goings on and just life in general. We know we have a few loyal followers and we thank you so much for sticking with us. I have added a new recipe to the Feeding friends and family page.

Let us just pretend that Summer Reading 2009 didn’t happen because I just remembered one series of books I started reading and OMG! I would rather not rehash those. They were at the suggestion of my Suky and well, YUCK is all I have to say. Good writing love the author but YUCK! If you have questions you can email me I will tell you about them, but I would rather not post the subject line of these on our blog for fear of getting bad press if you know what I mean. The author is Philippa Gregory. So if you are familiar with her work and have read it. Then you may know what I am referring to. If not again email me.

Movies, gee seen a lot but too many to review. Like I said our library has a wonderful DVD selection and is always adding to it.

Thanks for reading. Happy 2010!!!!


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