Day of Arafat/Thanksgiving

This year the Hajj season coincides with Thanksgiving. In particular a specific rite of the Hajj, know as the Day of Arafat, the day when Muslims who are on Hajj spend the day at Mount Arafat asking God for forgiveness. Those of us who are not fortunate enough to make the journey to Mecca, fast this day and ask for forgiveness as well. So while most of America is chowing down around 12pm we will still be 5 hours away from our feast.

I think that unlike most of “our” holidays Thanksgiving has become less important. If you watch TV at all the commercials are all about getting out there and shopping. Heck most stores are not even going to be closed this year on Thanksgiving and are doing sales, tomorrow as well. My daughter has to work until 2am tomorrow and the store reopens at 3am for Black Friday! Can we say INSANE!!!!!!

What happened to giving thanks? Being appreciative? Thanking God for what we have been given and asking to be forgive for things we might have done.

Being thankful is not in fashion anymore I guess. Thanksgiving has been reduced to greed and materialism.

Just my humble opinion!


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